September 30, 2023


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Aleister Crowley Tarot: Science, Queen of Cups, Ace of Wands
Words of Truth: Gapped, Synergy, Inappropriate Time, New Possibilities, Guidance
Mayan Oracle: Etznab, Organic Balance, Portal of Transcendence
Medicine Cards: Skunk, Blank Shield, Crow
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Two of Cups, Four of Disks
Osho Zen Tarot: The Burden, The Creator, Harmony
Healing Earth Tarot: Judgement, Six of Pipes, Eight of Wands

In perfect flow for the witchy month of October, I begin this month’s article with the Eight of Wands from the Healing Earth Tarot. It is a picture of eight flying witches. Very apropos for this month’s celebrations.
Wands are fire and these witches use that passion and energy to fly into the air. This month shows that all change requires movement. As we change, we open to psychic and intuitive messages that have been just outside our awareness. Dreams ignite and clarity finds its place to stand in the center of our own truth. Expect surprises to come into your space and be ready for the dance that will entice you from your cage and into the waves of energy that intend to take you away from the old reality and into who you really are.
Nature calls to our hearts and the mind no longer has the power to resist what just is. Those that use condescending and judgment to try to make the path chosen rocky and difficult will find that when we believe in ourselves, we no longer need to walk the paths of others because we have found our wings to fly.
Inside a fire burns brighter than ever before and as we align with our truth and vision, we find the peace that we have been seeking.
This month, we refuse to carry anyone else on our path. Those that need help will have to find the courage to walk themselves. When we understand and know who and what we are, then the path ahead becomes clear and without the need for others to agree or walk with us.
That allows love to come from a place of acceptance rather than need. We love because we choose to be loving. Not because our need for love is constantly asking for acknowledgment and reinforcement. We love because that is who and what we are.
From that place of clarity, conversations are more honest and direct. We see the light and the dark in everyone and everything and simply allow them to continue in their duality.
Personal balance is the key to this month’s happiness and that opens profound doorways that lead us beyond duality and into accepting all the facets of our existence.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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