2Intuitive Patterns for the Month of April 2021


APRIL 2021


Osho Zen Tarot:  Participation, Going With The Flow

Medicine Cards: Badger, Lynx, Porcupine

Mayan Oracle: Adventurer’s Quest, Cauac

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Cups, Prince of Swords, Prince of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Happiness, The Hermit, Valour

Healing Earth Tarot: Ten of Crystals, Lovers, Woman of Crystals

Words of Truth: Overview, Release, Purity, Childhood

This month, we stand in the doorway to move beyond our childhood. A new mature perspective has arrived that will allow us to grow into something beyond the idealistic perceptions that have supported us in the past.

Growing up at this point is not a bad thing. It feels as if now, there is a greater illumination and clarity paving the way for us to move into realistic places of enlightened understanding and acceptance.

Sometimes maturity looks like letting go of the past illusions that protected us and made us feel special.

But, there is a deeper place of self-understanding and acceptance unfolding that allows us to shed the skin of those projections and embrace what we have become.

Dreams lead us forward and allow us to risk, but when we see ourselves clearly, we can finally marvel at the miracle that is our soul’s amazing journey in this earthly evolution.

This month’s awakening seems to stem from the embracing of both our masculine and feminine sides. It is time that we recognize that we are the bridge between heaven and earth. We are the connection that we have been seeking. Once we see that, then we can find the fulfillment first inside and stop looking for it outside.

In loving all parts of ourselves, we can then, fully and passionately love everyone and everything in this world.

This month, the need for change becomes a hunger that will not be satisfied with the methods previously used.

Those feelings of indecisiveness are no longer blocking us from doing what our heart and passion seem to demand.

Tradition is revealed as restrictive and blocks a soul’s potential. It is shown as a method that fear uses to paralyze the soul from risking and claiming space in this dimension.

Intellect being used as a weapon, is refused. Ideas designed to override the goodness in the world leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

In the winds of the past, we hear the shrieks and misery of the suffering inflicted upon those with less power and influence.

Such sounds will no longer be tolerated or condoned by those conscious enough to be willing to listen and learn.

We are flowing into a new place of truth.

We are being asked to fully participate in a world in which tyrants manipulate and control subversively.

Once we can see those horrors and atrocities, we cannot ever forget.

Once we witness a war, those images are burned forever in the circuitry of the brain.

Once we are fully awake, we cannot be blind or numb to the suffering inflicted upon any form of life on this planet.

The winds are roaring

The cries cannot be silenced.

The truth is witnessed.

The horror is experienced.

Healing happens when we refuse to ignore the pain.

Intuitive knowing integrates when we are willing to see everything.

Innocence is reclaimed when we trust in our ability to heal and grow.

Clarity comes when we finally refuse to ignore what we know.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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