Astrology for April 2021

This month, Saturn has a desire to bring us back to reality. This planet’s depth and density will keep pounding away at those things we carry that are not supporting us in living in a stable and practical way. Saturn loves to manifest things that seem impossible. It is this solid Saturnian energy that built the 7 Wonders of the World.

While ideas inspire, Saturn takes that idea and figures out how to make that happen.

Saturn will trine the North Node in Gemini this month. The ideas manifesting are not just about practicality but about what our soul came here to learn.

On Earth Day this month, Mercury and Venus will inspire new and great things as it connects with the progressive planet Uranus. This is a perfect moment to help this planet and this world. A turn begins in April. One that signals that humanity might finally be shifting. It is time for humankind to care more about this world than themselves.

Let’s see if we can make it last for centuries.

On April 6th, we begin a 3-part cycle of Jupiter and Chiron semi-squaring. This manifests a desire to understand and find the more profound meaning within the apparent dysfunctions that are being observed. There will be two more rounds of this, one in August and one in November.

We seek to “Know Thyself”. Beliefs that align on the deepest core levels will reveal themselves to be true. Those that do not make the grade will also be shown in their falseness and may throw us into a spiritual crisis. The more we look past the facades of what certain religions profess and more into the actions that they express, the more clarity we will discover.

We are moving into a phase where blind faith that serves no greater purpose is exposed for not being in alignment with God or the highest values that humanity can bring forth.

Such things are not a religion. They are a cult.

“The difference between true religion and a cult is the former serves for the greater good of all life. The latter serves only the leader and his or her ego’s need to enroll everyone into that distortion field that they want to create as a reality.”

On April 9th, Saturn and the North Node decide together to invest in the human psyche’s growth and development.

This pattern is all about developing those things that give a unified message that creates opportunities and allows humanity to move out of the crushing mentality. At the same time, it can be wildly successful for the chosen few. We are moving into a cycle of learning to work together for something higher than just wealth and power.

On April 11th the New Moon will be in Aries, and this gives vigor and a second wind for all of us wanting to find what inspires us to do things that are accurate reflections of our potential.

We learn to move forward with more confidence and care, integrity, and intention.

There is a Full Moon on the 26th in Scorpio’s penetrating sign, asking us to dive deep into those places that we judge and hide from the light of our own love. It will be seen in this bright full light that we need to reconsider many things that we had previously decided were not aligned with who we thought we were and allow those judged and hidden parts to come back out into the light and become reintegrated with us.

Things that we might have seen as flaws in our past might now become powerful insights into who we truly are. Many of these impressions may come into our awareness in magical and very private ways.

This Full Moon is also happening as the Sun is in Aries activates Uranus in Taurus, and then Saturn decides to square with both. What this reveals are some deeply embedded core blockages that have limited and inhibited us again and again.

Yet, there are eloquent forces at work in this world. Some of them are subtle and personal, while others are forceful and eloquent. While new rules are coming into form, some are not fully embraced by the masses yet. So, it is time to notice those elusive and dynamic patterns as they implement into this reality.

On April 27th, the small but explosive planet Pluto comes out in full force as it reveals things that we might have been feeling stirring below the surface.

This is the moment that Pluto turns retrograde, and he does so in a grand fashion.

I am a bit concerned about this astrology from April 23rd forward. What it can look like is a global crisis of sorts. Now, I know that we are not out of this cycle with the pandemic, but it does not feel like that. It feels more like a global conflict, fighting, battles, etc. Such things are hard to pinpoint as to where they ignite, but there are apparent positions to become more aware of. Such places might start in the Middle East, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc.

Just be alert and aware.

Pluto will be in retrograde till October 6th. This cycle feels as if our strengths are being tested. There will be some attempt to redirect our focus off the national issues and bigger global patterns. Pluto is very volatile, and there is something about these aspects that give me the willies.

All of us need to stay tuned and informed. Stay cheerful and alert.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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