December 28, 2016

2017 The Year of the Warrior – Astrology and Numerology for January -February

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Welcoming in the Year of the Warrior – 2017

We are in a time where as individuals we are going to have to create patterns within our smaller communities and no longer depend on the government as much as we have in the past.

This is going to be a challenging situation on multiple levels. 2017 is about creating new systems that serve the people as the government and the world situations are going to be in chaos for a long time to come.

I have said it before and I will say it again that the old patterns are being broken down and shattered. So you have to find the exit door out of the external world’s “carnival hall of mirrors”. Finding the lies that are infesting this world and find those places that you can count on for stability is going to be the ongoing goal throughout 2017.

I know that each of us signed up for this moment in time for a reason. Some of those reasons are personal and some of you came here to help create those new systems not yet in form. There is a lot of work ahead and knowing how to find the cracks in the armor of this breaking reality and move things in a direction that serves the greater whole is going to be difficult as we are in a time of self-deception and lying.

Finding the truth or a real gem in a fake-jeweled box of costume jewelry is going to take skill, knowing, education, and a strong eye. But that is where we find ourselves for the next while.

The powers that lie outside are corrupted and so that means that only finding the power inside is going to be of any assistance as you move forward.

2017 is the number 10 and as such this is a year for finding your power, radiance, and to source your own energy. People are going to be shielding themselves as a form of protection and to protect their ego and defend the mistakes that they have made up to this point. Others will be attempting to go numb and to fall back into the illusions of the past. Fortunately the reality is going to be so difficult and painful that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to fall back asleep nor find comfort in the old patterns and habits.

This moment reminds me of a time when I was in Suriname and I stood too long under a tree that had a parasite that lived on the leaves. When the parasite detected something underneath, it fell from the tree and landed on my back where it slowly began burrowing into my skin. The sensation at first was one of itching and then it graduated into a full-blown desire for me to rip my skin off to stop the itching. I went through 3 hours of hell going back to the town on a bus and I had to have people hold my hands so I did not tear my own skin off. By the time I got to the Doctor in town he knew what it was but told me the way through this was to coat my back with a liquid plastic. It would not allow air to pass through and the parasite would suffocate. But not before creating such a ruckus that I was going to be miserable and in terrible pain first. And sure enough as he covered my back in this liquid plastic these parasites freaked out and began moving in a desperate attempt to breath, get out, or break through the plastic. But die they did, somewhat slowly and painfully for the both of us. This taught me a lot. How hard we will fight to survive, how hard it is to let go, and how painful it is sometimes to be fully in the moment. Pain is a tool that brings us completely into the here and now.

2017 is going to do much the same.

I give this story because that is what the United States is going to be like for a while. Our country has been infected with a parasite and there is more than one of them. It has secretly hidden out in our ignorance and self-deception to now spring forth in a big mass of toxicity. To get rid of them is going to be a painful process and it is going to be a miserable journey until they finally “metaphorically” die off.

This is not fun for any of us but it is how we learn to deal with and become a part of the real world. Our fanciful world is not real and the “real” world is a painful reflection of our careless disregard for life and the balance of power throughout the world.

2017 could be one long tough lesson and constant reality check.

We are living our own Star Wars movie. Which side do you stand on? There is a dark force that is attempting to take over and there are those who will choose to stand up against it, again and again. The consequences for not speaking up or standing up have never been greater in your life. Even if our small corner of the world manages to have stability there is a greater whole of instability that is impacting and affecting the world. We have to learn to work together. We have to come to a place where it is not just about us but it is time to see that united as a world and as a people we can survive. Divided we will continue to fall and reek havoc upon others either consciously or unconsciously.

Welcoming in the Year of the Warrior – The Numerology for the 10/1 and the Power of New Beginnings

I know that you want to know and have a clear view of where you are going in 2017 but this is a year that when you add all the numbers together, you will get the number 10. So this year is going to be all about change and many rapid and unpredictable new beginnings.

A 10/1 year, it is like a snowball going down a hill rapidly. You are going to have lots of change that collects the energy of your chosen path. As you begin to implement those changes in your life the energy will create bigger and bigger shifts as the year progresses.

Remember that we are still dealing with the Neptune in Pisces until 2028 so we are all learning to roll with the big waves hitting us and recognize that in seeking the truth we don’t have the control of the past mental illusions and that there is a bigger current carrying us to an unknown destination. Surrender is the key to learning what is really important and what gives your life happiness and meaning.

You are literally changing the trajectory of your life. It is a big moment and one that in the future you will reflect backwards and see how this moment shaped your life going forward.

The number 10 year is about coming back to yourself (the number 1 or the “I”)

It is going to be difficult to change the external but you can reclaim your internal self. That is the only way that you are going to be able to find the doorways to the power that is going to be needed as you progress forward this year.

The number 10 year is about taking a warrior stance in your life. There are many ways to do that. Some warriors are loud and intimidating. Some are quiet and calculating? Some are invisible and some are out there leading the charge. You have to determine which one is you and which one you are willing to be able to put the energy into. Just know that you will have to maintain that rhythm for a long time so this will be a moment to learn how to pace yourself along the journey and go to healing tools to help you maintain a level of excellence and clarity.

You are doing your own person Haka Dance this year and it is one of great significance for your life forward.

(What is the haka dance for?

The haka is a type of ancient Māori war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka are a fierce display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity. Actions include violent foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant.”)

Warriors know when to fight and when to plan. They know when to organize and strategize and only when a clear pathway emerges do they move forward and take action. That is what you need to keep in mind this entire year.

As a year of the Warrior, it is about finding your inner strength and individuality. You cannot depend on external structures to give you the security of the past. You cannot depend on others if they are not strong and centered also within themselves. As a warrior, you should not go into battle with people that you do not totally and completely trust. You have to know who has your back and who might stab you in the back when you are not looking. Therefore you will be letting people and certain situations go.

In a number 10 year, it is called a “Samurai” position. You will be required to have a level of mental and emotional toughness and control in order to be effective in the external world. You will be required to have a clear discernment of others because of the great need for groups to come together in effective and peaceful but assertive ways. You will not have energy or time for those who see the world radically differently than you. They are on their own path and right now people are so positioned that many are not able to see beyond their own ego and projection so it is a useless endeavor to try to play with them in constructive ways unless there is a deep willingness and capacity for growth and change.

The Water Protectors in North Dakota are showing us the most effective way forward. If you cannot find a peaceful heart and move from that place, then your actions inflame situations rather than move the world towards a peaceful solution and resolution.

We have had many great teachers showing the power of peaceful movements. Yes, these ways require great sacrifice. Yes, they require you to take physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual hits that perhaps you have never experienced before. But as a world we have to move past all this anger, aggression, and hatred. You cannot fight hate with more hate. You have to show those that are hateful how much suffering they are causing others. You have to allow them to discover on their own, how their lashing out in such destructive ways eventually makes them feel terrible inside. It takes time to allow their anger to be fully expressed until they actually begin to see and feel that it is their own anger that is actually eating them alive.

Karma is a great teacher though a slow one. Anger that lashes out is always originally internally self-created. It will take a long time for many to find a place of accountability and personal responsibility. That is why you have to stay strong in your belief of love, peace, global harmony, and the atmosphere of personal responsibility.

If you really want a world where All of humanity learns to work together in cooperative ways you have to be willing to be flexible and open to listening and holding to the core truths that are the glue that keep this world together. And that glue is love. Each person is being asked to love this crazy world, love each other (regardless of whether you agree or disagree), love the cognitive process of resolution and cooperation, and love the fact that emotions are often messy and hard to navigate. We are in a time when none of us are going to get what we want. Therefore we are all going to have to compromise and come together eventually. I pray that this will be sooner rather than later.

The world needs spiritual warriors. Are you willing to be one of them?


The New Year begins with mental Mercury continuing its rethinking retrograde cycle until the 8th. New Year’s Day is going to be an excellent one for writing in your journal. It’s OK to make your aspirations big because there is plenty of time to revise them in the spring anyway. No plan you make will actually come to pass under this astrology so begin by picking a direction and then be aware of where the universe continues to shift you again and again in subtle and not so subtle ways. Don’t lock anything in stone. If you learned anything from 2016 it was to be more fluid and recognize that nothing is going according to the old plans and patterns. Choosing directions is all you can do but remember that you will continue throughout 2017 to have many additional forks in the road so you might as well have a strong mindset of change and that will help you to constructively navigate all the directional shifts in this New Year.

Assertive Mars moved into Pisces back on December 19th and stays there until the New Moon on January 28th. This combines well with the other relationship planet, Venus, also moving through Pisces January 2nd through February 3rd. Your intuition is heightened at this time, so go on an inner journey beyond the veils of this world to see what messages and missions are ready for you to bring down to earth. This can create a new theme of Healing and Hope by the end of 2017! Notice I did say, “By the End of 2017!”

January is not without its challenges, but they are mostly the week of January 8th leading up to the Cancer/Capricorn full moon on the 12th. The planets form a Grand Cross. It looks like a big cross in the sky if you connected the dots between the action-oriented signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Allow extra space in your schedule this week to expect the unexpected. A Grand Cross pulls you apart in four directions and then reintegrates you in a new and better way. Although you might feel slightly beat up going through this process, the end result hopefully will be a better you.

If you had difficulty starting your New Year’s diet and exercise program, take heart by knowing athletic Mars moves through Aries, January 26 though March 9th. Aries likes to move, be it through exercise, dance, yoga, martial arts or whatever you do to get your blood circulating.



February is an interesting month. Valentine’s Day is sandwiched between two eclipses. The lunar eclipse in Leo and Aquarius is on February 10th. Full moons tend to pull you apart emotionally, and lunar eclipses just magnify and amplify the effect. This Leo moon eclipse urges you to look at where your heart is engaged vs. where you are living life in a detached, go-through-the-motions manner. The opportunity is to participate in life in a way that your heart is engaged, yet not get sucked into the drama around you. If you are just going through the motions in life, then this eclipse will push you to make changes, or you might go into deep depression. (Which is not recommended!)

To get a hint about how this eclipse is working, watch people born from 1951-1955 as death & rebirth Pluto in Leo gets activated in their charts. It also activates the charts of anyone born within a week of January and July 15th.

The moon is in Libra for Valentine’s Day. That’s perfect since Libra represents relationships, romance, grace, beauty and luxury. Libra likes nice restaurants, art and jewelry. This is not the zodiac sign to be frugal. It is an enthusiastic day for couples because the life-giving Sun is in harmony with warm and generous Jupiter. It’s best to take advantage of this energy before the evening gets late as emotions wear thin the later it gets. Activities that take place between two eclipses are significant. Be focused and clear, saying what you mean and meaning what you say- no fantasy wishful thinking or false promises.

The solar eclipse is on February 26th in Pisces. This special new moon helps you go beyond the veils of this world to bring forth a higher vision and intuitive insight for your incoming projects. There are numerous planets and asteroids in Pisces now. Make certain you see the world as it is, because it would be very easy to fall into fantasy thinking. While this is excellent for creative activities, it can also see only what it wants to see in relationships and business dealings. Hold the higher vision, but keep your feet on earth!

Overall, this is a great three-month period with only minor challenges. You have the opportunity to release and forgive the past, and do the initial visioning of that, which is ready to come into your life next. That seems perfect for the transition into a new year!

Peeking ahead: Relationship planet Venus turns retrograde in March, and that doesn’t happen very often. Your relationships and finances are going to shift.

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