December 28, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 12/29/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/29/16

12/29/16 is the number 5. The number 5 craves a solid ground upon which to stand. The number 5 wants healing to happen and for each of us to make conscious choices that allow for bigger shifts that impact not just ourself but the world. Only through fully being here on the planet can you learn to transcend this world. You cannot move beyond the lessons of this world by denying that there are any lessons to learn. There is a huge difference between knowing the information and living that information. You are being asked to bring yourself fully here into this moment in time. It is time to fully feel into this world and use that energy to shift you out of complacency and shallow emotional expression into a deeper love and compassion. A New Moon occurs at 1:19 AM EST in the sign of Capricorn. This lunation symbolizes a new beginning in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn – quite fitting for the energy of the New Year. It’s a time during which you finally can focus on some of the constructive traits of the sign of Capricorn. The Goat energy is tenacious, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant, and it considers how to incorporate these qualities into your life in positive ways. But Capricorn is a goat with a fish tail, so it also asks us to go deeply into what we are feeling and to explore that darkness within. After all we are in the darkest time of the year and winter is the time of contemplation and introspection. With this Capricorn energy you might want to focus on practical and attainable long-term goals, work on developing maturity and common sense, prepare for the uncertain future, make commitments, recognize your responsibilities, and nurture your dreams in a realistic manner. With this potent Capricorn energy, you have the chance to create some serious order in your life if you are willing to do the hard work and dredge up the gunk and muck that you have allowed to languish in your deep subconscious. It’s time to make some solid plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from beginnings that need to happen in your immediate future. One of Capricorn’s “lessons” is acceptance of the concept that reasonable boundaries and rules offer freedom. Right now each person wants to have freedom from worry and chaos, for example. Uranus stations as it turns direct today after months of retrograde motion. Uranus energy hangs heavy in the air, and “all things Uranus” become strong themes. As the planet gains speed in the next few weeks, your urge to express yourself uniquely, to take some chances or risks, to rebel, and to listen to your own instincts over the projections of others. It is a powerful moment when you can claim your voice even if that voice is contrary to the way the society is attempting to control your actions, words, and mind. Within each person is a rebel and that rebel is going to gain ground over the next few weeks and that voice is going to clarify and become more certain and refined. Uranus retrograde causes great discomfort and now there is finally that shift into Uranus going direct. Remember that Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises. When it was retrograde it was constricting clarity of thoughts and the expression of those thoughts. So expect there to be more of those out there speaking their mind and expressing what they are feeling inside. I know that a lot of you want to sweep the upsets under the rug and I am not attempting to inflame things I am just showing the patterns of astrology and giving you possible explanations for what is about to happen. Expect dramatic shifts on a global and personal level. This type of energy creates brilliant but sometimes disturbing breakthroughs in the energy for the planet. Expect more sudden, unexpected, and chaotic events. These patterns are designed to create a destabilization and to frighten you into action. That is essential to revitalize and redirect humanity back onto a more conscious and sane course.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“And she had a gift for seeing light in the darkest of souls; for she knew that even those with wings, cast shadows……”

~Darrielle Cresswell 12/5/16~




It is moments such as this that you discover what you are really made of. The challenge of life is to be honest and informed and to remain open and with a compassionate heart. Those two being held in balance together is very difficult. It is easy to have the “illusion” of love and to act in a loving way when you deny the truth and do not allow in the harsh reality and the facts of life at the same time. It takes great courage and spiritual strength to see both, to hold both, and to be at choice about being loving from your core in each and every moment. It is easy to be in denial and live in a fantasy world. It can feel as if you are choosing love over hate but it is a dangerous thing to not allow in the truth of each moment while choosing love. Denial is what creates wars and conflicts. Denial is what causes governments to pass regulations that harm those with less while those with more get to manipulate circumstances for their own end.

Humanity is in a time of wakefulness. Circumstances have been created to force us to see things in a truthful fashion and to somehow choose to be compassionate in the midst of realization and recognition of the work that is ahead that needs to be done. When you speak from a polarized position of love but it has no substance nor a connection with the reality, it comes across as shallow, La-la, and detached from the suffering of others. It makes you feel to others as if you are not in touch with reality and you are either unwilling to see the suffering they are experiencing or you are protecting your ego and some of your own bad choices from your past.

In that case you are actually in denial and you are disconnected from your lower chakras. The upper chakras want to feel the love and light. The upper chakras want to not be here in the real world. The upper chakras want to carry you away from the horrors of this world and into the highest potential that can be imagined in this reality.

None of that is bad but when you are not connected to your lower chakras it has no power, energy, or substance. People who have had an easy life and have not faced huge challenges are sweet but they often have no substance and they come across as unbelievable because you cannot feel that they have really been challenged in such a way that the truth of what they speak is actually grounded in their body or their reality.

The lower chakras force us into this world. They are the places that connect us to the truth of this moment not just the higher potential truth that is humanity (the upper chakras). When you are in the lower chakras you can discern truth in the physical from someone just wanting to look good or a person that just wants to tell you what you want to hear.

Only when you are fully and completely in your body and you have walked through fire and your own personal challenges (some that you have won and some that you have lost) can you have credibility with others and therefore impact them on a deep core level.

Right now what is important is for each person to get in touch with their body and to uncover what prevents you from being fully in your life. Notice to what you cling to and if that clinging prevents you from authentically connecting to others because you are not fully in your body. Notice why you are afraid to feel more deeply into a situation. Notice where you are still living on the surface of your life and prefer to hold onto an ego position of “I am a good and loving person”. Each person is great. Each person is love. Each person has that spark of light and the divine within them. But clearly seeing a situation for what it is in the moment is essential for survival. Knowing truth from distortion even more so. Remember, there are people who are not acting from their core inner light. There are many people who have suffered so much that they are broken and in this life to learn to heal themselves. There are also those who came in to play games of power, money, and manipulation. I do not judge those who have chosen those games of life to play but you cannot live in an illusion that others happen to be playing the game that you are playing. Looking beyond your own personal bubble and slant of reality is very difficult. Your slant holds some of your lessons that you came into learn. But an even bigger lesson is to lean into the energies outside your bubble and feel into things that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar. That is where you learn true compassion. You can only have compassion if you feel into another person’s reality and step out of imposing your reality on them.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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