November 27, 2016

Numerology 11/28/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/28/16

11/28/16 is the number 3. The number 3 is attempting to help everyone reframe the negative to the positive. But the divide internally and externally has never been more obvious. Inside you is a side that is divine and there is also one who is a tempted energy that cannot help but express what you are feeling. We see the split inside and that becomes magnified in the external world. Each of us is attempting to learn to find the balance between the light and the dark, the love and the hate, the fear and the compassion. Unfortunately the healing that needs to happen is not easy or quick and so you are going to be learning how to hold that duality right in front of your face for quite a while. Be patient with yourself and others. You are attempting to break free of the intense emotional drama that has been the last two plus days as we come out of the Dark Moon in Scorpio. There is a deep and dark purging of energies that have been hidden in this Moon energy that is within you. You have to decide and define your values and ask the question, “What can you let go of? What position are you hanging onto? You cannot keep holding this much energy, anger, and pain. Yes, it needs to move. Yes, you need to let it be puked out of your body because this negativity that you are holding inside is very toxic and must be released. You have to break free of the emotional traps of that you are hanging onto. You have to find a way to look higher and above this energy that wants to pull the world into more suffering. It is time to look ahead and somehow we have to find how to stand in joy even if you are feeling all this intensity. Do not let the duality pull you out of balance. It is going to be very difficult. It is going to take until Monday to break out of this terribly upsetting place. Notice the story is shifting. Notice that you are in a deep and painful ending. Notice that Venus has come off of Pluto but it is also squaring Uranus. You have to find relationships that help us define who we really are. The Moon is in Scorpio until 3:46 PM EST, after which it transits Sagittarius. The Scorpio Moon is observant, strategic, emotional, and intense, and the Sagittarius Moon is exploratory, philosophical, and spontaneous. The Moon is Balsamic today, and with a New Moon occurring tomorrow morning, you will want to finish up loose ends. It’s best not to start anything new during this phase of the Moon, as it is a time of endings. Reflection is favored over innovation now.
~Suzanne Wagner~

In relation to the chaos and upset over this election. Teal Swan is a teacher who supports people in feeling through what they are feeling fully and gives permission for what each person feels.

“The reason that somebody is not taking action out of fear is that they do not have the capacity to hold the space for that fear. And that happens when we grow up in a society that does not allow us to feel emotion. We learn that we can take action even if it scares us. But we are never going to be able to get the whole world to take action even though it scares the hell out of them. Demonstrate by example that there are those who do have the capacity to hold fear and take action also. This is an emotional awakening for the planet. Fear is an accurate way to feel in this circumstance.”
~Teal Swan~

Teal Swan



We are all on the fast track of learning and we have no choice but to look at the collective consciousness that has created massive global upset all at the same time. Now this is not surprising because of the astrology but lets just say that the personal hits that each person feels regardless of their choices or positions is pretty equal on both sides of the fence. Each of us is being used as a tool for global awakening. Refusing to tell yourself the truth about your choices and actions is a choice. That choice is simply showing you where you have fallen asleep and that part is attempting to awaken and come back into your consciousness. It forces you to look at your deep-seated anger and rage that you have allowed to fester within. Now, please know that this is true on both sides of that fence. Each side has been sitting on huge emotions and unwilling to look at them so now we have this huge mirror showing us the parts of ourself that we did not want to look at. Regardless of if you feel righteous in your position, you are angry, hurt, and upset. It is not about what the others are saying that oppose your position. It is whether you can hold that strong of a reflection of deep internal divide in your core and work with it. What others say that triggers you is what you believe about yourself. There is a huge chunk to swallow. If you know in your core that you are a good person then what others do or say will not matter because you know the truth all the way to your core. But if you are upset and hurt by the words and anger that is being spoken by others then you are also angry. You cannot hide behind righteous indignation. I have a favorite phrase that I remember when I am in these situations. It goes like this; “The meaning of my communication is the result I produce.” That means that if you think you are being reasonable but someone reacts in anger at you then you are angry. Take a look at that mirror. It is hard to stomach and swallow but that is the very bitter pill all of us have to look at to move forward. It means that you might be clever enough to think that you have worded things in a reasonable way but deep down someone hears a very different thing. That is because 80% of language is non-verbal. That is a huge amount. Meaning that others read your tone, body language, the negation in the angle of your head and mouth, they see the intensity in your eyes, and they feel the rigidity of your body as it move into defensive postures. So regardless of your carefully constructed words that defend your position and actions there is a very real and raw undercurrent that is also loudly communicating to others. That is the reflection that you cannot see. That is the reflection that you have to deal with that is a not nice part of yourself. Can you learn to love that angry voice inside your body? Can you learn to accept and allow others to see your “dirty laundry”? Can you allow others to see the real you, not the fabricated and carefully constructed you? This is a time for vulnerability. That is what I see the great teachers doing. They are horrified with what has transpired but they are very forthcoming and real about their own process to find a new balance and to understand what is happening and how this is moving each person towards a new understanding and awakening to a deeper and truer self. No it is not fun to see so much anger out in the world. No it is not fun to see so much fear in the world. But honor and admire those who are showing that deep and vulnerable part of themselves in ways that are their attempt to move into balance and to learn to hold that huge duality that they feel inside and outside in equal proportions. If you are not doing that, if you are not telling the truth, if you are not showing your vulnerable self, you are not doing this moment in time and wave of change justice. This is a unique moment to move quickly past your old self and discover a very new you but you have to be willing to be very raw and real with what is going on inside of you. You cannot grow in a vacuum. You cannot expand truth if you do not allow the lies out. It is just the nature of this dualistic world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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