November 27, 2016

Suzanne Wagner Quote/Poem – The New World Order in America

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The New World Order Of America

What has happened to the world I knew?
In a moment of time away it flew.
Into a cuckoo’s nest of distorted anger and hate.
Into a world where those negative people found an open gate.
While in our illusion we had so safely sat,
The darkness of the world snuck in like a rat.
In the Civil War we fought for all men to be free
People fought and died on the ideal of equality.
But those that had the hate in their heart
Did not let it go so that anger could depart.
Instead they hid it deep in the darkness of their chest
And let it rot, fester, and continue to detest.
What frightens me the most is that when we look back
The pain did not heal it just turned a darker black.
It survived the generations and was passed through time.
It lives in the genes and the DNA like a toxic slime.
Then as it grew it began to infect
Others who were naïve and had a feeling of neglect.
It was so subtle at first that they did not see
That they were becoming an instrument of an atrocity.
I know that this is how the light shows us the dark
That we ignored and refused to remark.
But now it is here and it is a tough road ahead.
It is a darkness that has taken over and is wanting to spread.
It is up to you to find your own way.
It is up to you to not be afraid.
It is your choice where you will stand.
When the forces of darkness attempt to command.
We each have a choice. We each have a path.
We each have a soul and our own personal karmic map.
But what I know is that the battles I have fought
In my past I can feel as knots.
Those knots are the places where I sold out in fear
Those knots are the karmic warning to speak up when others jeer.
This moment attempts to pull us back over a hundred years.
To a place where the darkness inside others justified death and tears.
It has already begun and the damage has split the country in two.
It will take even longer now to attempt to undo
What one man whose desire for power and hate,
Took us off the cliff of sanity and fair debate.
You are here for this moment in time
To save the world from his lies and war crimes.
You have to stand up for what you believe.
You have to love regardless of the hate you perceive.
You have to own the shadow in you that you see in him.
Your longing for personal power allowed you to help him win.
There is no easy answer and no quick door.
This is a type of primal suffering and uproar.
That you have not seen at any point and time.
It is a throw back to when powerful people used others to do their crimes.
Where you stand and what you will do,
Is completely up to your courage and karmic due.
If you stand in the place of love and light
If you want to protect the land and what is right.
I will stand with you and protect your back.
I will face what comes and together we will crack
A column of light to pierce through that dark
To show the way for others to find and reclaim their heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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