December 31, 2015

Astrological Transits and Intuitive Overview for 2016

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Transits and Overview of 2016


Just a heads up that if you think that 2016 is going to be easy, think again. But if you apply the lessons and do 2016 well, then at the end of 2016 you will have a much more solid, stable, and happy reality as compared to right now at the end of 2015.

2015 was a time to deal with the internal stuff that you had been holding onto and avoiding. 2016 is about dealing with the external crap that you have been avoiding and getting your external world into a very different place than before.

This is a year where you have been like an animal in a zoo and you have never felt the real earth, the real grass, smelled the real air, but also never dealt with the real survival lessons that are necessary to be truly free.

In 2016 you have the opportunity to be free. And in all honesty you cannot go back to that constrictive but comfortable cage you had gotten used to. This is your year to “Free Wiley”. But with that is a huge unknown in your life. Bad things could happen. You could die. You might not be safe. You might not find food all the time. You might not know where you are going. You might be alone. These are all very real fears but ones that you will have to face at some point in this journey.

This is a year where you have to look honestly at your personal history. The real one not the one you made up to make yourself feel better. It will make you look at the karmic patterns that you have been dragging along like chains on your feet, trying to pretend that you are not weighted down by that past that you are still carrying. It is time to saw off those chains and free yourself from the burdens that you took on or that you believed you needed in order to live a life that was acceptable to others. Under this years astrology you will no longer have the luxury to carry that, which does not belong to you.

You will see a separation between the two worlds this year. One world is the world of delusion and distortion. The other world is where there will be those who want to live in a world of pure consciousness, honest connection, and truthful grounded merging with others. That split is going to get wider and more severe. If you have been living an “entitled” life where you have to believe that you are always right and can do no wrong then there will be a painful and harsh “wake up call”. I find it is best to go roto-rooting for my delusions before they “bite” me in the ass. But that is my personal way and not always the way for others.

This is a year where you have to learn a new balance between your life, your love, and your inner light. They all have to work together to make 2016 happen with the least amount of drama or problems. If you have intelligence (light) but you do not have your heart in it, things will not work. If you have your life in chaos and you are not taking responsibility for your choices and what comes out of your mouth then it does not matter how big your love is because the distortion is going to be all anyone sees. You have to find a way to keep your heart (love) open and connected to your intellect, knowledge, and truth (light). You have to have your life reflect the intelligence in your mind and allow the mind to create an organized life that is in alignment with the new demands of earthly living.

For some of you, perhaps you need to look at your carbon footprint and put solar on your house. Perhaps you need to let go of the monstrosity of a car and get something more energy efficient rather than a vehicle that appeals to your ego and desire for a grand stature. Everything and I mean everything has to become in alignment with a balanced mind, heart, and life.

Mercury in Earth Signs is all about grounding. There are 4 Mercury Retrogrades this year and they are all in Earth Signs. Yes, there are 4 of them this year. The first one is January 5-25 in Capricorn after the 9th. Before that it is in Aquarius (remember to back up the computers before that). The Mercury in Capricorn creates your tolerance for idle chatter to get to an all time low. It is also a good time to check on your financial health and how the money is going. This will be a great time to catch up on work that you let slide. I will go into the other Mercury Retrogrades as the year progresses otherwise this gets way too wordy.

Mars is going to retrograde and this planet of drive and energy is not happy when it does that. Mars only goes retrograde every two years. 3 Months of it Mars will be going backwards in Sagittarius and then it will drop back into Scorpio. This will make you feel like you need to make a hasty retreat. There are some old cords of energy that need to be cut between the dates of April 17th to June 29th because of this Mars retrograde. During that time do not start anything, do not open a business, do not buy a house, etc. It will be a time to get clear on what you want, organize the dream, dissect it down to the bare chunks that you can handle. February into March is great to start things but April through June is not. Even better to wait till the new moon on July 4th before you jump into the creation game again.

The spring of 2016 is going to blow your mind. Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius going retrograde are going to make you cut away old beliefs and fly on to a new grand adventure. The Saturn square Neptune and Saturn square Jupiter, (Saturn rules time.) will make you feel weird and it exposes things that you thought were real but now you are going to see the world from a very different place. You are really going to question which of your beliefs are true. Saturn is not stable under these aspects as it is in mutable Sagittarius, so you will notice where you are unstable.

Just to throw another curve ball into the mix we are also in the year of the Red Fire Monkey, which is a crazy wild unpredictable place. Expect more financial events under this pattern. Monkey is naughty, wily, and vigilant. So you are give permission to be a little of all of those. Combining the Chinese Monkey with this astrological energy creates a whirlwind of leaps from one place to another. Expect change in big ways depending upon how this is going to hit your personal chart.

If you think 2016 is going to stabilize your world then you would be wrong. You are making a new reality and with all processes of creation, there are lots of problems that will come up with that. Getting out of your routine throws the regulated patterns of your life.

Jupiter square Saturn means that in order to expand you are going to have to shift the foundation stones of your life. Your reality is going to change completely. There are many stages of remaking your life and many doors that have to be gone through.

Saturn wants you to get real, grounded, and stable. So that means you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Think knees bend and keep a low center of gravity so you are ready for anything.

Spacing out or being not fully present is really going to work against you. This is not the year to go into “LaLa” Land or to get drunk, high, or to go into any avoidance patterns. Do not allow old habits that have distracted you or made you feel (temporarily) better pull you away from what needs to get done. This is not the place to just slide and not be fully engaged and fully present with your life. If you do then the universe is going to really slap you around. And a lot of things are going to need to get done this year.

You are going to have to deal with what you have created in your life; the good, the bad, and the ugly. You are going to have an opportunity unwind and un-create a few things that are no longer serving you. But don’t despair, change in the physical world and in this dimension is challenging for everyone so you will not be alone.

2016 has not easy place to sit but it will be better than 2015. Saturn is going to force you to awaken if you do not choose to embrace the grounding perspective and reality check of Saturn. There are no more excuses for your bad behaviors. There are no more passes or tomorrows for the issues that are screaming at you to address and deal with now.

On one level this is really good news. You cannot escape looking hard at yourself and your beliefs and values. You will have to own what is yours and what you might be carrying forward from your genetics.

There is another wake up call to all the Spiritual people (and I consider myself one of them) this energy is not going to allow any of us to live in a make believe world. We are going to have to be in the “real” world and learn to deal with changing that on a daily level. I know that sometimes the “spiritual” people love to live in a place of human potential. But right now the raw and real is forcing all of us to wake up to life that is right here and right now. For myself that seems a rude awakening as I see the harsh reality that is plaguing so many right now and my gentle heart despairs at understanding human nature and why it has to be in such a way when we have so much potential for the world.

All of us have to work together to make this new world happen. It means that even though it is great to meditate and I highly recommend that tool for this year, it will also mean that you have to practice what you preach. You have to go out there into the real world and deal with people not concepts. You have to respond to the real emotions of people not spout philosophical “Bla Bla”. If you are not living in the real world then the suffering of this human condition could feel like a rude awakening.

Again, the truth of this time, this place, these problems, and this reality are screaming at all of us to notice and to do something about it. The times of complacency and just allowing others to do the work for you are over. If you feel strongly about something then you are going to have to do the work and put your energy into changing the world piece by excruciating piece.

Mars is going to hang out and create challenges as it hits at 8 and 9 degrees of Sagittarius, which is where Mars is going to go retrograde (April 17) and where Saturn is going to station and go direct (July28-August 13). If you have any planets at 8 or 9 degrees of Mutable signs then you have to watch out during those times! Expect a bumpy ride.

Eclipses are the “Bringers of Change” so there are a few course corrections that will be happening this year. There is a solar eclipse March 8, in Pisces (Mutable), which is going to make you look at where you have been compassionate and loving or harsh and unbending. It will give you an opportunity to look at how you move emotions in your life and make you question their effectiveness or lack there of.

The solar eclipse in the summer is going to be at 9 degrees of Virgo (September 1), Mars is retrograding at 9 degrees and 8 degrees of Sagittarius, Saturn is going direct at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, and Neptune is going to be opposing the solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Pisces. If you have anything up to 15 degrees of Mutable signs then you have to pay even more attention. Just about anything can happen when all of these planetary aspects combine. This one could be a doozy and it is bound to bring up many patterns of structure and make us look at the effectiveness of the patterns and tools that we use in our life.

Jupiter is going to oppose Chiron a couple of times this year so there is the potential for great healing but it is also important to not overdo the healing or take anything to an extreme. Healing is about doing the physical therapy to get better. That means you have to do the work to regain the strength after the healing process. You cannot just have a major surgery and expect to get perfect results without getting out of bed and doing the exercises that will allow you to reclaim the flexibility and stamina. Yes, that means you are again, going to have to work for it. The universe is not being mean, it is making you address the hard patterns that you have let slide under the rug. Now the foundations of your life are falling apart and you are going to have to do major work to stabilize or redo the pieces that will give you the grounding upon which you want to build the rest of your life.

Belief structures this year might not have a lot of truth behind them so before you grab hold of an idea and take that as truth, do the checking of it and be sure that it is real or it could cause you more embarrassment and others looking at you funny. It is important to not get caught up in the lies and false stories of others you know or from things on the Internet or television. There is a strong lure of the darkness trying to twist you into a place of ungrounded upset and strife. If you get caught up in that you will get a harsh head slap from the universe and it will be so embarrassing to have to admit that you were an idiot for believing something that was not just false but horribly false and something that caused suffering and hardship for others. It is a year if that you don’t know you don’t go. You have to stay clear with the facts.

Relationships this year are going to have the Sun and Venus conjunct this year in Gemini as it squares, opposes, and does a crazy dance over of Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune is in Pisces, and Saturn is in Sagittarius so relationships are going to be built up by looking at the facts of things and having the same communication and the same mindset. You are being asked to close the old doors and open to the new place in your intimacy and that will give you a chance to really let the old wounding go and embrace what you have co-created together in your love life.

There is also going to be two full moons in Sagittarius this year. So get ready because this spring and fall are going to have some crazy. It is going to be a wild spring but in the summer things are going to notice a calming down of the intensity, which is helped along by the shift of Jupiter into Libra on September 9th. So in the fall the solar eclipse in Virgo is going to allow you to have a break from the craziness. You are leaving the sensitivities of the past behind (finally) and finding a way to embrace this new future.

The end of the year is intense with Jupiter Square Pluto so don’t let your guard down even then.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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