Astrology for 1/12/2023

Astrology for Today 1/12/2023

Yea! We have made it to Mars shifting and going direct! It seems to have been a very long two months of retrograde. As it shifts out of reverse and goes into 1st gear, it may feel as if the heavy load is lightening up … all though … slowly.
Try to relax and know that the heaviness will lift over the next few days. All those things that just have not seemed to get going will finally seem to gain traction.
With this shift know that your mind may change quite a few times before we feel certain and sure of our choices.
Motivations are going to feel more inspired and positive. Fears will dissipate and we will seem to overcome the obstacles that kept arising.
Chiron and Venus seem to be in the attitude of forgiveness and healthier models of engagement will begin to manifest more smoothly over the next month. There is great beauty in our flaws if we learn to embrace the truths of our own insecurities and fears.
We learn to value what we have and decide to stop longing for what we don’t. That shift in attitude alone will allow those things that are for us to find a way past the blockages of our mind.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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