January 24, 2023

Astrology for 1/25/2023

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Astrology for Today 1/25/2023


For some of us, a Pisces Moon is a release. It gives us permission to feel what needs expression and activates our compassion.
For others, this Moon can make us want to run from the hard truths that arise and that some wish to forget.

Regardless, this afternoon, the Moon will shift into the action and forward focused sign of Aries.

It will feel like a relief from all the drama of the last few days.
While some may decide to put some of those emotions back on the shelves for another day when they have more time to express what is deep within our soul, remember to be aware of what choices one is doing and know that all things eventually need to find expression.
The Moon in Aries and Jupiter will line up this evening and that will give us some much-needed sense of direction and purpose. We are lighter and feel more content. We are looking for very new experiences and those that open us to the possibilities.
When we put the Fixed Aquarius Sun with the Cardinal Aries Moon, there can be great personal discoveries and sharing with others.
We are in a time of desiring to deepen harmony in our world, and we have the willingness to express in new ways, the exhaustion over the past few years.

In sharing those truths, we will discover that we are not alone.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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