Numerology for 1/25/2023

Numerology for 1/25/2023

1/25/2023 is the number 15.

1 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 15.
1 + 5 = 6

The Number 6 makes us stop and think. We are being asked to reflect and to not necessarily leap into things before we look.

This is a spiritual number and so our spiritual self is reminding us that today is a moment to do those things and use those tools that help us to drop in and away from the world’s chaos.
This number reminds us that we cannot help others if we are depleted and running low on energy.
We cannot be effective to follow through if we have allowed the world to take too much. We have nothing to offer if we have forgotten to give back enough to ourselves.

In this world, (where so much is beyond our control), we have to learn to be still and to allow the hard truths to drop into us first.
Then we have something of value to share that will seem to others to be helpful and bring some elements of peace.
Today, sit and allow what is arising to come fully into your awareness.
Let that motivate your next dreams to manifest.

In learning to allow things to filter in, we learn that life has a plan. If we give small pauses, those precious moments will allow us to return to the flow of the cosmos and become one with the greater knowing that is a part of this natural world.
When we know who we are and our personal gifts, then those gifts can direct our mission and purpose going forward.

Too many do not know who they are and what their own life is about. They try to fit into the boxes of others, religions, or ideals … but feel incomplete. That is because once we know who we are, we know our purpose too. And then we recognize that we do not have to do it all, we just are to give what we have back into this world.

We are learning that to those that need the gifts we carry, we are enough … just as we are.
Grasping only lets things slip through our fingers.

Trying to walk the paths of others always feels unfulfilling.

But when we totally love this unique life that is ours, we show others that the paths to acceptance and trust will ultimately bring the peace, contentment, and beauty that we came to experience.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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