Astrology for 2/5/2023

Astrology for Today 2/5/2023

The Full Moon in Leo this afternoon may not be seen by us in America but it will be felt. Something is coming round. A hope is rekindled and a life is reclaimed. For some the enthusiasm and vibrancy of this Moon may bring in new love. For others it will make some past conflict find clarity.
Be proud of who you are and from where you have come. Our roots show the path that we were asked to climb in this life. To be free to become who and what we want, we often have to take the patterns of our genetics and heal them so that the blocked energies are allowed to move, once again.
Today, we do not want to belong as much as we want to stand out and be seen.
Those that want our energy and pull at our coattails seem more irritating than loving.
We seek to feel and breath the air of freedom and we want to illuminate what has been holding us back so that we can finally understand and hopefully let go.

This Moon will allow for powerful leaps into changes that we have longed for and now intend to get in touch with.

The impact of this Moon is stronger because all the major bodies in the sky are going forward and the powers that supported hesitation are now out of the way.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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