Numerology for 2/5/2023

Numerology for 2/5/2023

2/5/2023 is the number 14.

2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 14.
1 + 4 = 5

The Number 5 can make some put their foot down and stop. This is probably not the best use of the number 5 energy today but the intensity of the constant changes being required are such that … for some … it can seem too much.
For others, it feels as if the universe is asking us to put the “pedal to the metal.”
For them, it may amaze you how much one can get done in one day. Much less a week of this energy.
We are being asked to look with realistic eyes at what is needed, what is necessary, what makes us happy, and what is asking to be released.
When the horses are in the gate and the tension mounts, the only pathway is straight ahead. And now, we wait anxiously for the bell to sound so we can leap into the next level of this game.

The power … is in knowing that we can trust our stability and that our center of gravity is deep within.
Much is going to rapidly change. Much may happen that we may believe is too much to handle.

But never let the mind wander into those places that want to stop us from growing and learning.

Without the innate curiosity to seek that which is yet for us to discover and understand. Life will become a terrible bore and unfulfilling.
When we get to St. Peters gate, we want to have him say, “Good job! You took the risks offered and you were unafraid to repeatedly fail!”

Because that is what it takes to see past the projections and fears of others that want to keep everyone at and on the same level.

Remember, “All Men are Not Created Equal. All Men Have Equal Potential, but we are all not in an Equal Place!”

~Suzanne Wagner~


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