March 22, 2023

Astrology for 3/23/2023

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Astrology for 3/23/2023


We are at this momentous of days! Pluto finally moves into Aquarius and while it will only be here until June 11, 2023, it now sets the tone for a very new stage that is going to take us over for the next 20 years. While the retrograde of Pluto will pull us backwards into reflecting on our choices for the last 6 months starting June 11th. We will be able to glimpse that there is a new light at the end of a long tunnel that is going to allow us to quickly grow in ways that Pluto in Capricorn did not.
The stuckness is going to ease off and the shackles that have not allowed us to move will become unlocked so that we can move more freely into a new potential.

These first few months of Pluto in Aquarius may feel as if a new life is flirting with our senses. Just know that this particular transit intends to radically shift the social structures and politics that have been attempting to hold back some, to line the pocketbooks of a few.
Major reform will take place … though the whole process will take 20 years.

We will see during that time, those that will actively confront those in power that want to control and we will witness and experience the forceful demands of many groups and individuals that demand our world move towards a more balanced equality.

The focus shifts out of greed, stalling techniques, and the promotion of falsehoods, and misleading lies, toward, embracing science, humanitarian ideals, and allowing the unique expressions of individuals to give our world, government, and society a much-needed overhaul.

Science is going to expand beyond our wildest dreams, inventions are going to radically improve our lifestyles, and the doorways to the patterns of dysfunction in our past will finally be closed and locked.
With the Jupiter/Mars quintile know that we will feel much more motivated to grow and excited about it rather than afraid.
New seeds and ideas burst from the wet ground and the feelings of spring have never been stronger.
We are ready to make our own luck.
More resources will become available to us that actually help smooth out the wrinkles and we feel this afternoon the energy of the Moon move from assertive Aries into tolerant Taurus.

We are going to have our feet on the ground, shovels, picks, and hoes in hand, and our hats and gloves are on ready to take on this next adventure.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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