Poem – The Final Curtain Call

Poem – The Final Curtain Call

The final curtain call draws near,

My heart is full, my eyes clear,

A life of dance and graceful moves,

I’ve left my mark, my heart approves.

In my red dress, I take the stage,

The spotlight shines, my heart engaged,

Memories flood, of every dance,

I twirl and spin, take one last chance.

The audience applauds, as I bow,

The final time, I take my vow,

To dance forever, in my heart,

A passion that will never depart.

I look back on a life of effort paved,

I see the joy when I playfully misbehaved,

Through every step, every leap,

I’ve danced through life, not missing a beat.

Now the final curtain falls,

My journey ends, something else calls,

But I’ll dance on, in the memory of those,

Who saw the light underneath my fancy clothes.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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