Astrology for 3/25/2023

Astrology for 3/25/2023

Today the Moon will move from Taurus into Gemini, engaging our more social side and helping us see past our own biases. It is always more insightful if we can see both sides of a coin in life. When we are willing to look at things from all angles, then we get fooled … less often.
The big news today, is that Mars (the energizer bunny of the zodiac) goes into Cancer. It will remain there till May 20th. What matters are those that we love and those beliefs and ideals that we are willing to fight for. If we care about someone or something, then for the next few months, we will dare to stand up for them and take on what needs to be confronted for them.

This aspect gives us a type of certainty, strength, and conviction.
Remember, that if you randomly decide to challenge someone’s position. We have a daring attitude to take on all comers. But that action intends to be for generating the peace and safety of those we love. Our focus is less about what we want and more about what we all need.

We seek a feeling that seems to have been lost but that still exists and lives inside our core.
We want to get our own reality in order. We want to find a new balance and create space so we can breathe.
We feel tension in our reality and the Mars/Pluto quincunx helps us see what needs to be let go.
It becomes obvious that many things that we cling to have now become too much to handle effectively. It is time to notice that the anger is stemming from the fact that we feel as if we have too much on our own plates.

Fortunately, Venus and Neptune will semi-square and it can become uncomfortably obvious what is not working and what things are simply causing more problems or too much effort to navigate.
We need some space. We need to breathe into that new open space, and we need to find confidence and acceptance inside before we decide if we are really worthy or not.

It is okay to be flawed and very human. It is okay to not know the path ahead. Trust in one’s ability to find the path as we continue to walk forward into the unknown.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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