March 24, 2023

Poem – Dance Transforms Everything

Poem – Dance Transforms Everything

To dance ballet is to find your wings,

To soar above the earth on pointed toes.

It’s the freedom to move with grace,

And the discipline to per-fect each pose.

We dance in the air,
And fall on the ground.

We leap to the heavens,
And sing with no sound.


The music flows and the body follows,

Every step is a story to be told.

The dancer strives for perfection,

Yet knows that failure is part of the mold.

We laugh,
And we cry.

We express our pain,
Deep inside.


It’s the push and pull of muscles,

The ache of tired feet and sore joints.

But the joy of the dance outweighs it all,

As the body moves to the rhythm’s points.


We answer,
To some greater call.

We embrace each moment,
One and all.


The edges of technique and artistry,

Are where the dancer finds their strength.

To balance, spin, and leap with ease,

Requires focus, passion, and great length.


Each day we strive to find some feeling,
That is exquisite and profound.
We try to show that the soul,
Is never earthly bound.


Each movement a brushstroke in the air,

The dance is a canvas of pure expression.

A form of art that can never be duplicated,

A unique language that defies repression.


We dance because,
We cannot be small.

We dance no matter,
If we fly or fall.


To dance ballet is to become more,

Than the body that moves with grace.

It’s a journey of self-discovery,

A transformation of mind, body, and space.

Let my words become,
The music of a change.

Let its rhythm allow,
You to rearrange.


I am dancing with you now,

It is an expression of faith and love.

I want to inspire you,
To fly higher than a dove.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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