April 1, 2023

Astrology for 4/2/2023

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Astrology for 4/2/2023


The Moon courageously leaps from Leo into Virgo this morning and that helps us find the focus that seems to keep slipping through our fingers. So many things continue to change and us along with them. But when big outer planets step out of the old patterns and into the new places, it takes (all of us) a bit of time to make the frequency adjustment.
Today, we get a bit of a helping hand from the Virgo Moon to take that big step right in front of us. Know that help … can come from others, but it can also come from a shift in our own perspective. It seems that the universe will not allow us to stay in our old places of perception and on the whole that is a very good thing.
What is clear is that everything in this world needs to go into the cosmic shop for a tune up.
All our dials need an adjustment. And a Virgo Moon gives us the type of organized focus to allow that to happen with less resistance.
Mars and the North Node will sextile today and that makes movement mandatory. But when we figure that out and learn how to make some new connections, we will also discover a new level of satisfaction that can make us all better people in the long run.
Help is there if you reach out a hand. Opportunities arise when we are willing to try. And we find what we seek when we stop expecting others to give us what we personally need to discover and grow toward inside of us.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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