April 1, 2023

Poem – Ballerina Stacey Swaner – Stars and Stripes

Poem – Ballerina Stacey Swaner – Stars and Stripes


Stacey Swaner was the flaming redhead on the stage,

In this Balanchine ballet, she is clearly the lead.

With every move, she reminds us of a golden age,

To the Souza music, she allows the audience to be freed.


Her dance is an expression of a joyous flow,

Graceful, yet strong, she explodes with every turn.

Her feet strike like thunder above and below,

She embodies the American freedom that will forever burn.


In her red, white, and blue attire,

She leaps and spins with perfect form.

With every step, her passion’s fire,

Ignites the theater with her perfect storm.


As this dancer continues to shine.

Within her all the fireworks explode so bright,

She is the heart and soul, of something so divine.

She is a freedom brighter than the footlights.


As the music completes and reaches its end,

The crowd erupts in thunderous appreciation.

Her dance has allowed all time to suspend.

She embodies the dreams of a young nation.


In Balanchine’s ballet, Stars and Stripes,

The flaming redhead has left her mark.

A performance that forever ignites,

And lights up the night, like a spark.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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