Astrology for 5/17/2023

Astrology for 5/17/2023

Wow! What a wild ride. I am sure many are feeling this shifting cosmos as I have been navigating many souls that are in transitions that seem to be all consuming.
If you are feeling this also … know that you are not alone and all of us are going to have to adjust to these major astrological swings for a long time or at least until we get a handle on how to move with these enormous waves of change.
Pluto will square to Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto is going retrograde. We are longing for things familiar, but we are totally in a new zone.
That should make us walk slowly and carefully through this day.
Know that as we try to move, it will feel as if we are stirring up the dust under our feet as we walk along this new path. We need to not be so resistant, but we also need to take the time necessary to move with grace rather than grit.
Pushing is only going to stir up the clouds of dust to the point that we will not be able to see where we are going.
Don’t take on anything new right now. Best to let things settle and just get a “lay of the land” before coming to any conclusions.
Know that old beliefs are beginning to crumble, but for some that can be frustrating. As some push, that can lead to mistakes and the missing of critical details.
Today, look at things from the smallest detail and know that doing too much can make us feel depressed.
No matter what, all of our perspectives will be drastically shifting over the next few years.
We all need to get to know ourselves on a much deeper level because if we do not know how to appreciate that wonderful soul inside our own being, then the attitude of our mind can get us into trouble because it might work against the desires of our true self.
Listen to our intuition and let our imagination expand to be more inclusive of others.

The Moon will shift out of Aries and into Taurus this morning. Know that our quest for comfort becomes paramount and family matters.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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