May 16, 2023

Poem – The Twilight Years

Poem – The Twilight Years


When one’s twilight years draw near,

Childhood fears may still appear.

They haunt our thoughts, and can make us afraid,

While others strive to keep them at bay.


In solitude, under cover of night,

Those fears regain their terrible might.

We lose our bearings, unsure where to tread,

Lost within ourselves, seeking far ahead.


This journey is one we all must embrace,

Life’s process where dreams reveal the space.

Within each person’s existence, we’ll find,

An unfamiliar path with magic entwined.


Our souls yearn for peace and radiant light,

But overcoming fears is the crucial fight.

We seek liberation from pain’s heavy chain,

To break the cycle, courage we must obtain.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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