Astrology for 5/2/2023

Astrology for 5/2/2023

The Moon moves into Libra early in the time of dreams and magic. It tries to allow us to balance and find a better flow in the harmony that wants to become our life.
The Sun will semi-square to Neptune this morning and there can be some feelings where our mind and heart seem confused. Unsure where to stand or where to step we may not be able to make a clear decision or take a determined stand on things. Don’t worry, this will pass. The planets are always in motion. It is okay if you feel as if your engine is running on fumes. Focus could be a problem and it will be easy to get side-tracked with things that need to be done, seemingly right now!
Going slow is a good idea. Take time to read a book, or do those things that allow you to create a moment to reset your priorities.
Jupiter will semi-sextile with Neptune and that suggest that some may try to take advantage of you, or you could become the victim to some scam or those that intend to be dishonest.
Honestly, today is a good day to just say no! It is a day to not pick up your phone unless you know the person. And if someone tries to pull a fast one, hang up the phone or walk away from that person. You don’t need to explain anything or why their scheme is not right for you.
Some elements feel as if we just can’t quite get the satisfaction that we wanted and pursuing things just is not giving you what you expected.
Pluto and Venus will Biquintile and that aspect makes us want to make things much better on a financial level. It is time to tighten up that budget and not overextend.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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