May 1, 2023

Poem – Celebrating the Month of May

Poem – Celebrating the Month of May


May has arrived, the flowers bloom,

Their petals open, dispelling gloom.

In gardens green, we find our peace,

Our hands in dirt, worries release.


The time has come to tend and sow,

To watch our gardens overflow.

With love and care, we help them grow,

And reap the beauty that they bestow.


We are a part of nature’s plan,

As much a flower as any in the land.

Our hearts and souls, have the wind to soar,

And we are ourselves a part of nature’s core.


With every petal and every stem,

We’re reminded to cherish kindness and intend.

To let love and care be our guide,

And let nature’s beauty arrive with pride.


So let us tend to our gardens fair,

With love and care, our hearts desire to share.

And let us bloom with joy and glee,

This month become a part of nature’s harmony.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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