Astrology for 6/8/2023

Astrology for 6/8/2023

Today, look inside and recognize the extraordinary person you are. The Aquarius Moon helps out a lot with that realization. Seems that we notice those places that we think might be a bit unusual. The world is a wildly weird place. Filled with very unusual things and creatures that seem made up and next to impossible. We have to learn to respect the many various forms of life here on the planet. Just because we do not understand something that does not mean that others and other things are not amazingly beautiful and perfectly adapted to their environment.
Humanity loves safety and consistency but is also easily bored. We are a contradiction on many levels. It is up to us to embrace our own quirky selves so that we can allow others to be who they are and support them in evolving into what they wish to become.
It is cruel to put everyone in a box and think that we are all the same. Or require them to fit into our reality.
What is so hard is to recognize that many are on wildly different paths. That does not mean they are on ours or will understand our choices and actions.
Once we understand that, we have to learn to let go and allow others to find their way and trust that what they seek will make sense to them somewhere down the road.
Today, let others continue down their own path. Smile and wave as they go on that grand adventure. Many paths are not for us. And that is as it should be.
Venus will square to the North Node and that creates an atmosphere of tension, frustration, and the feeling that there can be no resolution to the current dilemma.
That is why walking away is always a better path at times. Squares cause us to confront situations. But it is becoming clear that when minds are made up, changing them is never up to another. That is because the choice and decision must come from inside us. We must choose to let things go. It is a choice to walk away from dysfunction. It is a choice to make a conscious decision for oneself when others doggedly refuse to budge off a position or opinion.
Those that refuse to actively engage in honest and conscious ways with others … eventually push everyone away and will ostracize themselves because of their unwillingness to tell the truth, let go of an opinion and approach life from a more mature position.
Sometimes there are no good choices. And all choices need to come from the place that cultivates real peace and deeper honesty with oneself and the world that we are currently engaged with.
With the Moon and Uranus squaring, it can mean that the truths of our choices and actions … are a bitter pill to swallow.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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