Numerology for 6/8/2023

Numerology for 6/8/2023

6/8/2023 is the number 21.

6 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 21.
2 + 1 = 3

In Yogic Numerology, the Number 3 tries to make us smile.
But with the astrological squares happening that might be more difficult to accomplish.

But it never hurts to try!

Just know that if things seem a bit tough to handle and smiling seems next to impossible, know that most things in life are seen with a great sense of humor … later.
Though it can be much … later!

Humanity can make ridiculous decisions in a moment but then later on … as we have acquired greater wisdom … those choices can seem ludicrous.
That is when we might as well smile and laugh at the logic that got us to certain choices … when too often, truth was staring us in the face.
Such moments in our past were often made under assumptions of outcomes that in life are never guaranteed.
Life is always a risk. Life will always show us what we did not prepare for … or expect to experience. That is why with this number today, I would expect the unexpected.
If we know that the number 3 day, can move in extremes, that is enough knowledge to know that we need to relax, not proclaim ultimatums on others and recognize that what we think is not necessarily how it will go.
Let today be whimsical and funny.
When something happens, laugh because now you were warned. Chalk many things up to the craziness that just happens at times. And know that you will survive this moment and many others as well. While we can’t choose out of the pandemonium, we can learn to enjoy the sense of humor that the universe and our guides have in the moment.
If something goes crazy, just think inside and say in your mind … to the angels, “Okay, so I might have missed a critical point. I think I am awake now! Thank you for the wakeup call!”
~Suzanne Wagner~



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