December 30, 2017

Astrology for January 2018 and How Each Sign will be Impacted by Saturn in Capricorn through 2020

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Astrology For January 2018

What are the different roads you are pulling together in your life? What train station are you destined to move into and where will that take you?

Direction, structure, and grounded purpose are the focus this year because there is a lot of Capricorn energy that is going to color your world through 2020. And it starts right at the beginning. I believe that beginnings of astrological shifts are often profound and do a lot of foreshadowing as to what and how a particular energy is going to unfold. This January, it starts off with a bang and a lot of planets are going to be in Capricorn (an earth sign). It is that warning, “Ready or not here we come!” If you are ready, you will weather the density in a more constructive and productive way. If you are not ready, you might find yourself thrown into those places you have been avoiding for way too long.

Jan 1, Full Moon in Cancer. This Moon sets the stage for the entire year. The Moon is in its natural place, the 4th House (The House of Home, Family, Emotional Security, Karma, the Mother, and the lessons of the Caretaker within you). The Moon is opposing Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Sun, and Pluto. And they are all either in the 9th House (The House of Spirituality, Learning Morals, Travel Wisdom, Expansion, Higher Mind, and Rituals and the lessons of the Seeker within you) or the 10th House (The House of Status, and Structure, Career, Destiny, Duty, Honor, and the lessons of Organization). I believe this energy is attempting to set the stage for what you are to prepare for as your life progresses under these energies. Your Emotional Security is going to be opposed by Karma, Miscommunication, Struggle, Love, Negotiating, and Melancholy. And most of it is in the 10th House of your Destiny. You are going to embark on a journey and that journey is not going to be easy. Who you have been, who you wish to become, and who your Highest Self intends to shape you into are going to put you through a threshing machine to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Notice that statement does not have the sweet and fuzzy feeling that everyone really wants and needs right now to have hope moving forward.

But hope is exactly the issue.

It is easy to have hope when things are going your way. Yet, having hope when there is constant conflict and struggle is when you really learn what you are made of. So, Saturn is at home is Capricorn and the Moon is at home in Cancer but they are completely opposing each other. Mars is also at home in Scorpio. I know that everyone deeply desires to be comfortable as those planets are at home and that should feel positive. But those same planets are in a very hard association with each other. There is no time to waste. You are going to have to move and you will not have a choice about that. Emotionally, you are in a huge growth spurt.

This whole period of time is about relationships because of the Sun and Venus conjunction. Everyone’s emotions are running at such a high level. And it is sextiling Neptune. This forces you out of your comfort zone and into what is “right”. You have a divine self that is going to be loudly yelling at you to do what is right but you are going to worry about what others think.

You are going to have to make the hard choices now. And somehow you have to stay open hearted at the same time. Uranus is stationary in Aries on the first day of the month. That tells you that you are caught in the emotional grip of needing desperately to make decisions and yet caring about how others feel and how they perceive you at the same time. Your identity and what you think you want may bring you to the place where you want to just feel safe and comfortable.

The North Node is in Leo and this is asking is for you to follow your own path and your true essence. That sounds easy but this is aspected in a very difficult way. You don’t believe that you can have what you want. You don’t feel connected to what you really are here to do. You are not who you thought you were. You have to accept who you have become now.

Not the illusion of what you told yourself you were. There is a seesaw that asks you to not be so politically correct and instead be true to that deeper self that is calling you out. Again, this moment is not about who you wanted to be but who you are right now.

Will you be able to hide your truth and cover up who you really are?

Are you trying to be so higher vibration and spiritual that you are not being real?

If you do that you will come across as false and out of touch with the world energy that is moving everything toward a more authentic behavior.

Jan 2, Uranus goes direct. This is a powerful moment because all the planets are actually going forward not backwards. There is a clear and directed shift in the energy but it is also a bit like learning how to control a bucking bronco when it is finally allowed to move. Uranus has a bit of a dramatic way of shifting directions. So, expect the unexpected. The full force of emotions that are impacting you personally are going to be in direct conflict with the true self that is attempting to emerge. Capricorn’s negative side is about restriction, jail, oppression, etc. The North Node wants freedom. But can you really handle the responsible of that freedom? It might become crystal clear that many here in the world actually cannot handle the intense responsibility that freedom requires. This means, “Anything goes!” So, what you want, is probably not going to happen. All I can say is be prepared.

From the 2nd of January forward to the 11th, there is still plenty going on. You are being asked to look at what you are building. And to look at where are you overdoing? Notice where your expectations are out of alignment with your truth? You have a lot of work to do. You will have to make clear and concise choices. Your feminine side needs to be listened to at this time. Things are not going to be cut and dried, black or white. There is a doorway through this chaos but it is about feeling your way through not thinking your way through. There is a Sun, Venus, Pluto Conjunction happening right here. This creates massive changes in the world. They are most likely going to be around, relationships, work, your pet projects, how you work with your money, and what you wish for in the area of new opportunities. And, there is a huge death of your old self, because many things that your ego identified with are going to dissolve away. There are changes that have to happen. And they will begin around the 6th-9th. I know that so many of you feel as if you cannot take much more but the universe does not really care or pay attention to what you want but what needs to happen to serve the greater good. This brings about a shift of your spiritual self in connection to the real world. How you relate to others going forward is also going to be dramatic.

Jan 11 Mercury enters Capricorn. Mercury is finally out of its Shadow period and there is a stellium in Capricorn. This brings even more earth energy into your world. I expect to see volcanos going off and earthquakes happening in the world. You have to be very strong under such force of earth. When you think you cannot keep going, you going to have to regardless of what you think or feel. “The show must go on!” Nobody wants to navigate such emotional heaviness but you have to keep on … keeping on. Only those most determined will move through this time successfully. You are putting a lot of energy into building something that will stand the test of time. That is always hard work. You are building your own pyramid and it is going to require your effort in a demanding sort of way and it will require a level of personal commitment that is more than you have ever been asked to give before. You are at a crossroad in your life. This is happening at the center point of a Capricorn world. Something serious will be happening. The Moon is in Sagittarius and is in Detriment. Don’t expect to be happy right there.

Jan 15 Jupiter sextile Pluto. Last year you had to keep faith in a possibility in your mind. But now you are being asked to let something go and walk through a doorway to another reality. There is a type of completion whether you are ready or not. You have to walk away from the karmic patterns that have previously defined your life and your work. The decisions and choices are not going to slow down this month. You are going to keep getting hit over and over again, so be prepared. You have to move. You cannot stand on that razors edge another minute because it feels (metaphorically) like you will bleed to death. You are going to notice that your fear has been ruling your life. And it is finally untenable.

Jan 16 New Moon in Capricorn. Now we have 6 planets in Capricorn. Are you feeling the density yet? Are you feeling how gravity is forcing you to put your feet solidly on the ground? And it is sextile with Chiron. There is a healing that can happen if you are willing to surrender to the situation. The universe is showing you that you are not in charge. The earth rules and regulations are in charge of your life and your body. You have lessons that have to be learned and no manner of negotiating with the universe is going to stop that lesson from hitting you. The Chiron in Pisces is allowing you to see where you feel guilty in doing what you need to do for yourself and to make yourself a priority. There is no need to feel guilty. You cannot take everyone on your path. They have their own lessons they need to learn. Align with those that are walking a similar path to you. Let those that need other karmic lessons go.

Jan 17 Venus enters Aquarius. And the Moon goes into Aquarius over a 24-hour period. A lot of the heaviness begins to lift off. Venus prefers Aquarius, as it is more social and friendly. It brings crazy fun people and situations into your life. And the Sun will go into Aquarius on the 19th. There is a new way you want to relate to people and a very different kind of people will choose to come into your sphere. We begin to drop much of the Capricorn energy. Mercury will conjunct Pluto and it will bring some fresh energy and answers around the 24th of January. This is the turning point for the month of January. Don’t expect me to say that we are out of the woods but we are at least getting a moment to breath and have a lighter disposition. The rest of the month is fairly unremarkable with a few energetic shifts. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo comes close to the degree of the eclipse in August of last year so you might get a karmic redo or sorts.

Jan 26 Mars enters Sagittarius. Fire Planet with a Fire Sign. The question is, “Are you ready! Are you willing to just go forward?” It will hopefully be a (much needed) force of good.

Jan 31 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. It is a big day and a feeling that there is a doorway to receive the energetic reward for following your own path. It forces a bit of reflection and a looking back at what you feel is really your path and most important to you.

Jan 31, Mercury enters Aquarius giving again, even more energy to this new direction you have chosen to embark upon. Let the wave of change continue to move you effortlessly forward. Resistance is futile.

Saturn in Capricorn and how it relates to each sign through 2020 

Aries has Saturn in the 10th House. Saturn likes the 10th house and so your career and your destiny are placing you in the position to mature and it requires you to follow through all tasks at hand. And Yes, I know that is your weakness. Your self-worth will only improve if you stay focused and do not let yourself get distracted. If what you have created is too much of a fabrication and fantasy that your ego was feeding you, then you will fail miserably in this area. You have to see and do what is achievable. Do not take on things that seem impossible. Saturn here is practical and down to earth. Do what can really be done and make sure the structure is there to support what you wish to accomplish. You have to plan for your future. And this process is essential for your future success or failure. If you don’t have the finances you will not be able to get to your goal. So get the money aspect of your life together.

Taurus has Saturn in the 9th House. Saturn here is helping you notice if your spiritual practices are grounded in the reality and not pushing you further into La-La Land. You have felt lost for a while. But now you have to expand (which is not what a fixed sign likes to do) no matter what. You have been hiding in your own darkness. You have not been willing to show who you really are. There is a real you that is coming out and breaking the shell of your old beliefs. You wanted the world to be one way when now it is clear that you were duped and you don’t know how to relate to this new world that is not fitting your picture. I know it is a shock to your system. You can’t hide behind your status and money. You have to show who you really are and your spiritual self is dying to learn something new. You are more than what you have shown the world. Your fear was in being rejected but you have to believe in yourself more than what will make others comfortable. If you do not believe in something you will have to speak up and show the truth of who you are.

Gemini has Saturn in the 8th House. Saturn is in the house of Sex, Death, Commitments, and other people’s money. There are big endings happening. You have to find what you are willing to commit to. And you have to let go of things that are not getting you where you want to be. Learning about sex, sexuality, seduction, etc. Then, you will find that you can magnetize and attract more to your life. The lesson is really about how you are going to do that. I would suggest Tantra Classes, classes on Masculine and Feminine typologies, and Personal Growth workshops etc.

Cancer has Saturn in the 7th House. This is the house of relationships, partnership, cooperation, contracts and paperwork. For the next 2 and a half years it is in your opposite house. You have to find the balance and what will legally work. Who you connect with is who you will become. Does this bring harmony to your life? Cultivating that harmony at all costs is what will help you move forward peacefully. Notice where you are uncomfortable. Is it your choices that are making it so chaotic? Your choices in work, business, love, and relationships show you a mirror to your next place of healing. Are you becoming what another wants you to become or are you going to align with your deepest purpose? That is the big question.

Leo has Saturn in the 6th House. This puts the structure and focus on your health, work, your service to the world, and how you analyze where you are at when you are responding to a crisis. Saturn in Capricorn is really a “party pooper” for Leos. This is about rearranging your daily schedule and focusing on the reality. It means that there is a big door for you to manifest. There should be help with business and success that is coming your way as you finally stop over doing and learn how to trust in the Universe. Neptune is in your 8th house. It is about work and more work. If you love your work, then go for it. If you hate something, you are going to be super miserable. You have to look honestly at where you have too much stress. If there is going to be a lot of overdoing just remember that you cannot go for things that harm your health. Meditation needs to be your middle name. Create a schedule that you can maintain and be busy in a consistent sort of way. Learn to let others help you. You are not alone.

Virgo has Saturn in the 5th House. Saturn is in your House of Children. It is the best house for you to learn self-love and create an opening for your own talents. You will be a probably bliss bunny. But can you really be there and stay there? You give so much away but now it is supposed to teach you how to give it to yourself. You live your life through your relationships often. But now it is about what serves you. If your life is like a fantasy then enjoy it and allow it to be that. You might have to have a structure to maintain that and you will have to work for it a bit. But it is time to live a life about expanding and being happy.

Libra has Saturn in the 4th House. This is the House of home, karma. It is also going to square your sun. You might finally feel like you have a solid foundation upon which to build. You might feel like you have finally gotten your emotions and your family situations in balance. The question to ask is, “Is your lifestyle good for your health and longevity. If you are drinking too much, using too many drugs, etc. You are going to have to make the hard correction and surround yourself with people that support a more healthy you. You will see that some hidden issues need to be addressed during this cycle. You need to reconnect to your spiritual self. You have to admit if you are really doing the work to spiritually evolve or not.

Scorpio has Saturn in the 3rd House. This is all about grounding you into a more real way that you need to communicate with your friends, family, and the world. Your intellect needs to stretch into a more consistent pattern rather than constantly seeking escapist ways to feel connected. Your grounding cord is forcing you to address how you think. Your entire way of seeing the world and your way of connecting is going through an adjustment. You need an environment that really works. You have been scattered and taste testing ways and means to expressing your intellect. But now you have to really stop fragmenting yourself with too much information and decide from a more stable place what is really going to work. What is not real is going to have to leave your psyche. Know that this is the house where there are neighbor problems, complaints, and complications with people disliking how you are and how you are communicating. You probably will be moving under this aspect. You have to decide if you are in the right place. Expect mental health issues seem to become paramount. You cannot keep doing what you have been doing. What are you doing that is contributing to this fragmentation? Only you can change it.

Sagittarius has Saturn in the 2nd House. This is the House of Money, Values, Possessions, Self-Esteem, and your Hidden Talents. This has finally broken down to a simple equation of money and how you value yourself through money. What do you prefer to spend your time on? If you don’t have money it is going to be a miserable two and a half years. Are you using money in a way that shows your real values or are you using your money to prove to yourself that you are okay. Your family and home life are all connected to your money right now. Uranus is coming into Taurus is forcing you to deal with your schedule because of your health. If you are spread too thin you are going to have to stop and enjoy your life.

Capricorn has Saturn in the 1st House. It is all about your physical body and paying attention to yourself and dealing with your early childhood issues and how those are still impacting you. Your persona, your ego, your wants and needs are all going through a shift in direction. You are going to notice that you have been hiding and feeling bad about doing the schedule the way you need to do it. You might be feeling that you are aging. You might want to start a new exercise program. Your mind and self-doubt is getting in the way. It finally becomes ridiculous, even to you. You need to have fun. You have to get out of the cage. You need to let go and have some opportunities to let yourself out. You are going to have to push through the obstacles that present in your life. It is not about anyone else. It is no one else’s fault. It is about how you get in your own way. Follow the plan that the Universe laid out when you were born. Some of the emotional heaviness is going to lift as Uranus leaves Aries May-Oct 2018.

Aquarius has Saturn in the 12th House. This is the House of Hidden Karma. This is the House of Death, Frustration, and where you undo your deepest self. It is forcing you to look at the places in your unconscious that need to be more grounded and real. This is the house of music and art. You have to unravel the places that are running your life in ways that are really not working any longer. There is a tendency to fall into doors such as peak experiences to shift yourself and see your own self-delusion. So, some may use drugs and spiritual experiences to expand you beyond this limited self that you are now really sick and tired of. You have a doorway to speak out and be seen in the world. It is time for you to own what you know deep down in your core. You are preparing for a new world that is opening in 2024 when Pluto goes into Aquarius. You have to find that connection spiritually that brings in a more humanly connection and compassionate self.

Pisces has Saturn in the 11th House. Saturn here excites people, luck, and things coming together. What do you really wish for? What will bring you the freedom you are seeking. There is liberty when you allow more people into your life. You need to gather people together. You need to really own of who you want to be. You are now noticing how you did not want to really put yourself out there in the way that the universe is asking. You have to step out and be seen. You have to show that you have an understanding and a comprehension as to what is happening in the world. You have to allow those shocking things to happen. Stop controlling your reality so tightly.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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