May 31, 2017

Astrology for June 2017

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Astrology for June 2017

This month is the “Dance of the Veils”. It is time to take off the layers that have been hiding the truth from you. It is time to manually remove them as they are not allowing the fullest expression of your life. It is time to lift off the illusions that you have adapted and held onto for too long. This month is about recognizing that there are powerful revelations of truth opening up. To find that truth is a process of unwrapping the layers that have hidden the truth from you. This is a time of deep vulnerability if you allow it. For those of you that refuse to allow it there will be a more painful process that you will have to go through to remove the toxic baggage that you have claimed as your own. There is so much expansiveness and the boundaries are so open, that it promotes creativity but it also promotes arrogance. This is a time the shows the trends of extroverted energy to something that is much more internalized. Saturn is going to go into Capricorn (Dec 2017). Capricorn, which is the sign of structure and alignment and our spine being asked to come into alignment. We have to be in alignment with higher spiritual laws. And these must move through our spine. What you begin to see in June is a world of completely irresponsible leaders. And the United States is not alone in this phenomenon. This is a time when you see the negativity of boundary-less-ness and the extremism that is so out of alignment. This is a time of extreme accountability. Use this energy and time to fly high but know that there is a judgement time and you will know that you will have to be accountable for your actions and choices. The energy is building up to a critical point and life can feel it. You can feel it. Nature is on the verge of extinction. We are feeling a deep rumbling of an earthquake that is coming from Saturn and Pluto conjuncting in 2019-2020. These are signs of our times and the signs that have come before to show us the potential pathways that have failed in our history. Take a look at the lessons of the past and see that we are repeating them again in this moment. But with awake eyes, together we can change the outcomes from the past patterns into the highest human potential. But you cannot do it if you are hiding behind the veils of your stories and false truths.


June 4th Mars enters Cancer. This is the moment when things begin to get difficult. You will feel that right before, June 1-3 is actually a bigger energy and that sets the stage for what is to come. Venus and Uranus are going to conjunct in Aries and this is going to propel us through a gateway that is essential to our spiritual growth and personal identity in relationship. The Sun is going to trine Jupiter at the same moment as the Moon is on Jupiter. This is a breaking point to allow the light back into your life. The question is, “What is your heart about?” This is a point of evolution and it is important for you to believe that you can get through this time with your heart and love intact. You have to find the inner strength because you are officially being tested to see if you are ready to fully own and then (more importantly) use that energy to support yourself forward. You will not be able to count on others (such as government or financial institutions). You will have to believe in yourself and the tools and wisdom that you have collected up to this point. You will have to know that you can depend on your skills of manifestation to gather up what you will need as you move forward. Mars entering Cancer is not very strong.  You will need your energy and that is going to reprioritize what you need in each and every moment as you move forward. Sleep is going to be important. Take your time and go at a pace that allows for thoroughness. You will not have the strength to go on if you don’t take care of yourself. You are going to face the unknown, so resting before that moment is going to be essential.


June 6th, Venus enters Taurus. This is about Venus coming come. That is powerful alone but it is not alone. Because also Mercury is entering Gemini at the same time. This is a big statement and it brings you around to how much massive change is actually happening. This is a moment of manifestation. You will see with great clarity, “you reap what you sow”. This makes you feel more enriched. It is great for massages, facials, feeling confident in yourself. This is going to help the weakness of the Mars in Cancer. This can be a time when things begin to feel better.


June 6th, Mercury enters Gemini. This helps you feel better in your places of communication. You feel like things are coming into a place of clarity. You are able to find the tools that you can use to find a center. It is time to come home to yourself. It is time to come to a place where you are ready to take on your life.


June 9th, Full Moon in Sagittarius. This aspect changes the energy rapidly and it happens within hours of Jupiter also going direct. And Sagittarius is Jupiter ruled so it adds energy into the mix. Expect doors that you thought were closed to be opened in dramatic and sudden ways. You will feel emotionally more secure.


June 9th Jupiter goes direct and will be doing that for the next 9 months. This is a beautiful aspect. This is a moment when you are feeling ready to move. You find a new balance and that is a veil that is finally lifting. There are new doorways and new possibilities.


June 16th, Neptune goes retrograde and this is the last planet to go retrograde in this retrograde cycle and that is very karmically important because it is an outer planet and it explains why we are breaking through things in a calculated cycle. This will allow the sensitivities, the fog, the confusion, the overwhelm, the illusion, to finally feel as if it is going to stop. This is a place where you are Samson chained to the temple walls and that moment when he believes that he is weak because they cut off his hair. But it is a moment when he realizes that this belief was limiting him and it is time to lift the veil and break the chains that have made him feel restricted and limited. You will have to face your own insecurities and fears. This is a deeply personal choice and moment.


June 21st, Sun enters Cancer bringing self-care and the gathering together those of like mind and connection. You should feel like you finally know what is next. Cancer is a cardinal sign which chooses direction and the sun wants to shine light. So, the question is “What direction do you want to shine your light?”


June 21st, Mercury enters Cancer. Things begin to get more mellow and calmer. Express your emotions in constructive ways.


June 23rd, New Moon in Cancer. This is a powerful positive energy, which is a well-deserved feeling at this time.  You are being prepared to the eclipse energy happening in August. Do the steps presented and stay the course. You are asked to not skip any moments or opportunities. Look, listen, and feel into all actions and choices. That will give you what you need.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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