The beginning of this Month, know that we are in-between the lunar eclipse that was on May 26 and the solar eclipse that is on June 10th.
Being in-between two powerful solar and lunar forces can make things feel upsetting and chaotic. Exhaustion is clearly one of those emotions that can arise. These eclipses are on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and demand big changes in our methods of communication, faiths, beliefs, and forms of transportation. We are all on a path of improvement. While the world will continue in the mood of discontent, we must use the energy available to find how to personal grow regardless.

Saturn will square Uranus for the second of three times on June 14th. This will add more tension and show once again the divisions that exist because of our need for freedom over stability. Both are good and both are needed to have a balanced society.

For some, the rules seem preposterous and intolerable. For others, they want dependability and accountability for those who constantly break the law and intend to dismantle systems that are necessary in such a growing and changing world. It is tricky to manifest order and recognize that there will always be those that resist conforming. Old habits die hard and the hard lessons keep happening because it is us that need to do something different and clearly we have not made enough necessary shifts to reclaim the stability that we seek.

Convention and innovation are divided and such intense disagreement  will lead us to very new ways. But first there will be great frustration and opinions will be everywhere as to what are the next steps to do. Just know that progress will happen. There is too much water and air moving to stop the flood that will arrive shortly. But expect blocks to delay and subvert some minor aspects of change. The larger flow has not hit us yet but it is on the way and if we listen closely we will hear that faint but distant roar.

Remember, that we can never count on those who hold and deny their own fear. It is their fear that will make them run away just when we need them the most.

While Saturn wants to be completely clear about all plans before his approval will allow them to move forward, this particular Saturn is in the progressive sign of Aquarius, making things feel pushed and slowed though still moving.

Then the innovative planet, Uranus is in the stabilizing and comfort-driven sign of Taurus. Also making things a challenge. It seems as if the desire is there but now we need a lot of infrastructure to make anything last.

Jupiter will go retrograde on the 20th and it is going to slow many things down and give us some much-needed time to get things finished and put together. We need a moment to gain perspective. This can cause some to feel lost and hopeless. Others will fee unlucky and lacking the necessary skills. This will last through October 18th. So take your time.

June 22nd we will come out of the Mercury retrograde. Expect snafus till the end of the month. Things may feel stuck and jammed up.

Saturn and Chiron will sextile on the 24th and this will also be the second hit out of three for this on also. This can and will make some of the rough spots smoother. When we are humble because of it and there is a dose of realistic understanding that will continue to modify what is unfolding.

On the 24th there is a Full Moon in Capricorn and this Moon gives us more determination to follow through with our agreements. If we chose a path, then we must be responsible for that choice. It is time to grow up and realize that such moments can feel fracturing and make it feel as if the edges are blurred.

Finally Neptune goes retrograde on the 25th. Know that inspiration will seem diminished and questionable. We are being asked to take things under advisement for a future that cannot be seen. It will be a perfect time to discover who is inside trying to get out.

Overall, I think this is a good month. One that can bring a feeling of positive movement and growth.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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