Osho Zen Tarot:  No-Thingness, Maturity, Sorrow

Medicine Cards: Mountain Lion, Skunk, Bat

Mayan Oracle: Manifestation, Mystical Power, Rhythm

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Cups, Six of Cups, Two of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Queen of Swords, Knight of Swords, The Aeon

Healing Earth Tarot: Three of Crystals, Grandmother of Wands, Four of Crystals

Words of Truth: Listening, Pleasure, Breakthrough

Just as last month we had repeating cards, this month also we have a repeating Sorrow card. I can think of many things that can cause such an emotional pattern. The US is pulling troops out of Afghanistan and that will destabilize an already dysfunctional society into further stress and breakdown.

As I am writing this on May 12th, rockets are going out of Israel into Palestine. Power games continue to cause human suffering and Covid in India is taking a terrible toll.
Watching it all unfold is difficult for many.
Yet, somehow, we have to find a pathway through to keep going.
Sometimes for long-term healing to happen there has to be an outpouring of grief that makes everyone wake up and feel what is happening.
Here we are in a beautiful summer. We want to allow our hearts to open and love to spring forth. And some of those cards do reflect that.

There is a rhythm between life and death. It is forever pulsating in our body and life. We are never certain if the whims of fate will take us out or give us another day.
Sometimes I think that maturity comes from stepping out of the “Polly-Anna” mentality of our youth. But how do we embrace the truth of this density without succumbing to the horror of it?
Skunk reminds us that we can assert ourselves and let our reputation speak for itself without ego. When we learn this important lesson, then others will respect us.
This month attract those who walk a similar pathway through space and time. Just know that we can also repel others whose path is different than our own.
Notice the body language of others.
Are we setting teeth on edge and causing others to take a more aggressive stance around us?
It is difficult at this time in history to take a position of non-attachment. We may have to listen to the woes of others and do it in a way that does not feel as if others are dumping on us but instead are actively engaged in a process of sharing.
The Mountain Lion tells us that we have to make choices in our life and step onto a path whether anyone wishes to follow or not. The process of leadership requires us to tell the truth. Recent events have shattered our perception of what we thought we could trust and believe in. Those that lead without conscience pull their followers into tyranny. It is very frightening to take on leadership positions at this time.
And yet, someone has to stand up for the people.
The Bat reminds us that we are in a brutal test to see if we are worthy to lead and be stewards of this planet.
So far we have been failing miserably. But that can change. We just need to be willing to do what it takes.
It is the reminder that if we let others lead we will never find our true destiny and purpose. At some point we have to make big choices and step up and onto our own path.
To get to our goals we have to be bold and determined to succeed. We cannot let fear stop us. We have to have the fire within, burn brighter than concern.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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