ASTROLOGY FOR NOVEMBER 2018 – Is Democracy going off the Rails?




In the Month of November, there is a lot going on.

Six planets either change signs or change directions. The build-up that is coming into November is chaotic and dangerous. There will be a continued ratcheting up in intensity as we come into this election.

I am sure all of you are feeling it, but just know that you have been warned.

While I know that everyone would love to have this settled on election night, just know that “that” is a pipe dream.

No clarity will come quickly and there will be recounts all over the place. Nothing will be settled until the middle of the month at least. Once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius on November 11, there should begin to be some illumination. Though it still may take a few more days to weeks for a full tally that will not be certain under any circumstances and that will give fuel to those that are into always looking for the underlying conspiracy theory.

Uranus is going back into Aries on November 6th for one final transit with the God of War.

While seems a bit unsettling, you would be right.

Beginnings and endings in astrology have a doubly hard kick. Especially if certain lessons have not been fully learned. In this case, the disruption, revolution, revelation, and change of Uranus moving back into the intensely fiery sign of Aries is explosive to say the least.

Right before Uranus goes into Aries for its final time, Uranus will be at 0 degrees of Taurus. And that “0 degree”, is a firecracker ready to explode. I pray for this to not be a literal translation.

Regardless I expect shocking things to happen. This astrology is designed to continue to throw us all into the realization that our Democracy train is very much off the main track and we are careening down old rails that are unstable, unused, and breaking. While careening towards a bridge that is out.

The question is, are we going off the bridge, off the rails, crashing this Democracy train, or stopping and backing us out of this “dead end”?

And it is a “dead end”. This country deciding to become a place of hate and bigotry was not what our founding fathers believed in nor what that what they were attempting to create.

This belief in going back to a time of intense hate and conflict is not healthy for anyone. It was devastating to this country in the Civil War and it would be devastating now if “We the People” allow this toxicity to continue.

Everyone needs to get that you can never go back. All you can do is hold tight to the principals of those that were wiser and smarter than the hypnotized masses now and take the truths inherent within those rules of government and move forward.

Uranus in Aries is about extremism. While from 2011-2018, we globally focused on Islamic Extremism, we probably needed to look more closely in the mirror. Because we have had sleeper cells here in America. They have been of the Conservative, Fundamental, Evangelical, Religiosity arena. And they have been “Hell bent” to destabilize the changing world that they fear will invalidate them and their distorted twists of the great religious doctrines. They want to take us back to where they could intimidate and control those, whom they deemed “less than” in their eyes. And the tracks that they want to send us down are old, decrepit, and unstable.

There is nothing but failure in our future if we allow them to take us back into the past patterns of dysfunction. After all, we know more now than we knew a hundred years ago. But truth still needs to come out because we have been blissfully asleep to the suffering our own country has done to others in this country, in other countries, and where we have for centuries chosen capitalism, greed, and money over the rules of our Founding Fathers.

It is time to clean up our act.

Part of this mess has been created by the self-delusions we have either been told or have been telling ourselves to make us feel better or superior.

That, as a practice, needs to end.

These people that want us to go back, do not have their own spiritual nor emotional clarity to see that they are undermining the very tracks that they sent us down. They do not see that those tracks are old and dilapidated. They do not care. They only have the short sightedness of a child that wants… what they want… when they want it.

Such childish, narcissistic people should never be given power in any form. And their followers are enablers of dysfunction and destruction.

Welcome to the country, of the real “Children of the Lie”!

Fortunately, it goes direct on the 25th of November. Neptune in Pisces going direct at the end of the month of November will heighten the emotional expressions even further.

I know that is not what you wanted to hear. Sorry about that.

Neptune is the planet of illusion and confusion, and that has been adding to the uncertainty that everyone is feeling. Things have been so muddied, confusing, and actively deceptive, it becomes difficult to sort the truth from the intended distortion.

When Neptune goes direct, the clarity should begin come back with a degree of sanity.

At least we can all hope.

Neptune retrograde has been all about the hero’s journey. We have been being messed with by the God of the Sea. We have been feeling cast adrift, lost at sea, and not knowing what lies ahead. The reason for this is to learn to trust in the unknown and that which you seem to not have control over. You have to learn to have faith in yourself. Not your circumstances. Neptune demands that you trust your intuitive knowing and your primal cosmic understanding of the cosmos.

Mars is also stationary in Aquarius until November 16th. From there it goes into Pisces. This pattern between Neptune and Mars has not happened in 32 years. With both of these planets seeming to not move most of the month of November, you are all being asked to believe in something greater that is for the good of all. It is about changing our minds and actively reprogramming what we believe into a more evolving consciousness. Neptune reminds us that no one stands alone. And that we are all in this together.

As a collective we are being tested.

What happens if you give up and no longer try to live up to the ideals of our Founding Fathers?

What happens if we do not quickly choose to fix what we have broken?

We have the country, and the people, intelligence, technology and money to accomplish what needs to get done. But it is essential that the mass hysteria, fear and anger abate and subside.

This aspect reminds us that life can be a beautiful dream, but you have to believe in it more than your fear. The lesson is to never choose fantasy over reality. And to realize that you can make this reality a living breathing place of beauty, wonder, and magic.

Mercury goes retrograde November 16-December 6. This will add to the confusion and deception. Which is why I said earlier that there will be many recounts in this election.

Expect communications to be contaminated, explosive, and poisoned. Again, I worry about poisoned and dangerous mail for people in positions of power.

There are those that are trying to create confusion, so the deceptions can break down technologies and communications. But the bigger goal is to break the back of governments, democracy, financial institutions, and the will and voice of the people.

Venus goes direct on the 16th of November and that can produce a change of heart. I personally think it is much needed. The way the astrology looks, seems to me that these very bad things need to happen, which then force us to come together and to “find our heart”.

Again, I wish to be wrong.

Jupiter is going to leave Scorpio (where it has been dredging up all the dark crap that we have been dealing with) and goes into Sagittarius on the 9th of November. That is going to be a welcome relief, because Jupiter belongs to Sagittarius and it is very happy to go back home. It is more expansive and loving, hopeful and benevolent in Sagittarius. That is why I also believe that some things will be settled in this election by then or slightly after that point. Though, like I said, it may take a few more days to get its footing after trudging through the slippery slime of Scorpio.

I wish I could say that this astrology this month would “make it all better”. While I do believe that it will get better, I also know that we are not remotely out of this mess for 2 more years. So, take a moment to enjoy what is offered and given freely in this moment and know that the fights are not over.

Celebrate the small wins and know that you cannot put down your sword nor take off your armor just yet. And don’t turn your back on the Tsunami of Neptune in Pisces coming up behind you. Do not take your eyes off those emotionally unstable “sneaker wave” people. Earthquakes are happening deep in that water that you cannot feel, but the sneaker waves are coming and will continue for the next, long… two years.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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