October 27, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 10/28/18

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/28/18

10/28/18 is the number 4. The number 4 seems to be like a tetter-totter today. You know that playground game that you played as a kid. One kid sat on one side and you on the other. Each would push off with their legs and rise up while the other person went down. Such seems to be the pattern right now. There is a childish ride up and down in the world where someone needs to be on top, therefore someone else needs to be on the bottom. It is a bit unbalanced in a day where the number 4 wants desperately for some semblance of balance. Only when you do not have something obvious like gravity, do you then realize how important it is. That is why (supposedly) are supposed to have a system of check and balances. That system is being put to the test. Only time will tell if we decide to break this toy or mend it. Regardless it is broken. But it can still be fixed. Starting over, would be a situation that right now, this country could not actually seem to constructively handle. Let’s all pitch in and help fix this country before it is too out of balance to be mended.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon will be in Gemini until the early evening at which point it moves into Cancer, to begin the week. Communications continue to flow throughout the day but then in the evening eat healthy food and take care of home and and what matters to you the most.

Mercury-Pallas sextile assists in finding ways to communicate more clearly what we are deeply feeling. You may feel more effective in actually being able to help another. There seems to be more order to your thoughts and you see some new ideas and recognize patterns to things that have been irritating.

Mercury is moving towards a conjunction to Jupiter, which will be exact tomorrow. This will encourage you to think confidently and in bigger ways.

Comfort is becoming more and more a luxury that is redefining itself in importance. What was taken for granted before is now something that you see as a stabilizer for harmony and inner peace.

November preview:

It will be interesting to see how November plays out with 6 planets either changing signs or changing directions. Love and money Venus, continues to be in retrograde until the 16th, and then Mercury begins his retrograde cycle about 15 hours later that day, just in time for the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday. Expect many miscommunications happening over the turkey table. Hidden things can be dredged up again to be hashed out. Hopefully for the last time. Uranus tested the sign Taurus since May, but now moves backwards into the intensely aggressive sign of Aries (the God of War) until spring. It is time to finish any old business that you have not completed since 2011 when it first moved into Aries. Beginnings and endings in astrology are significant and the beginning of this Uranus in Aries cycle was the Islamic Revolution and the earthquake in Japan. I am not looking forward to what this ending is going to look like. Expect explosive. Expect you to have to shift in major ways to keep up with what is going to be happening in the world. Regardless November is a month of intensity and change.

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~Suzanne Wagner~


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