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Astrology for September 2019

I want to start this month’s astrology by taking a look backwards so we can go forward. After all, review is helpful in being able to understand these complex cycles that are presently unfolding.

While fast moving planets often reflect the human psychology and show us when we are happy, sad, angry, romantic, and violent (much like a Shakespearean drama). It is the slower moving planets, (the outer planets) that grind their way through and unfold in a much broader planetary way that shows the cultural patterns and trends that impact everyone world-wide. Big planetary aspect manifest as big changes in the world perspectives and priorities. Such huge planetary aspects take decades to unfold and register. They are often related to big shifts in society, economies, and politics.

In 2016 through 2017, there was a Uranus conjunction to the dwarf planet, Eris heralding a time of social and political collapse on a global scale. This planet was discovered in 2005 and was considered the 10th planet in our solar system but it has been demoted to a dwarf planet instead. It is named after the Greek God of discord and strife. It is the planet of rebellion and a reminder that rebellion is within everyone and comes in many forms.

In 2017, we had the Great American Eclipse – which impacted the entire United States, accelerating climate and environmental changes, making them very real and finally registering as urgent. It was not just a global moment but it also impacted the United States astrological chart in very intense ways. It was the big warning of what was ahead and a wake up alarm to the times in which we find ourselves now. Wildfires, hurricanes, water problems, earthquakes and volcanic activity began to multiply globally.

And now in 2018-2021, we will be dealing with the Saturn/Pluto/Eris conjunctions. Saturn is all about structures and Pluto is about “the death of” and the “rebirth of”. So we will be experiencing the death of the old collective support structures that used to be the norm. We will see old agreements torn up and democracy (as we have known it) and the old financial systems will have to be reworked.

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions are like a filter that keeps getting finer and more refined. The tighter weave of them coming together makes things that were previously allowed through, suddenly caught in the very demanding and discerning filter of these two planets. Anything false is going to be forcefully removed and deconstructed. It shines a light on absolute goodness and absolute evil. It shakes loose all illusions and tests the resiliency of all structures. The seriousness of both these planets indicates that a major restructuring and redistribution will be required.

Regardless, this conjunction on January 12th, 2020 is the tax collector from past karmic debt coming to collect.

Because the Lord of Time and Karma (Saturn) will not change direction in Capricorn again until 2048, this is a big moment. It is time to build a permanent structure for the next phase of growth.

Saturn is all about “getting real” and that harsh reality is hitting everyone in the face. Where-ever this Saturn/Pluto conjunction is hitting your chart, you will be undergoing a complete and total renovation. If you have not done it already, September is a time to do a major reset of your intentions, purpose, direction, and goals.

It should be crystal clear that what you thought you wanted is now not going to work. In fact, you probably don’t want it anymore.  It is time to look at what is really relevant now. It is time to become self-supporting and independent. This cycle cannot have you leaning on others.

Notice what is working in your life. Is it working fluidly? If it is not working, you have to recalculate what is going to be necessary to go forward.

Saturn is giving you your final reality checks at the beginning of September. It is attempting to get you to review and resolve the polarities in your life. You cannot shift your operating system of consciousness if you are wasting RAM in looping old modes of software.

Saturn is attempting to get you to let go of seeing him as the critical parent that never acknowledges your effort or work. Saturn, in his higher form, is all about being a mentor, pushing you into your higher potential, whether you like it or not.

Saturn this month will be the Tower card (breaking down the old structures) and tearing apart the old world. If you have not been willing to do the work to create a new structure in your world, you may not be able to escape  your fate. You will be compelled to fulfill the promise of awakening your soul to its highest potential.

Within you is the wisdom of all your ancestors’ inner ways. When your old world crashes down, you will discover that the memories of the ancients in your core awaken and give you insights and tools to remember. You have many guides and they are all within.

Saturn will never let you give your power away to someone else. Some of you may want to swallow Morpheus’s blue pill so you can go to sleep in the illusion. However, if you have chosen the red pill, you have chosen to act and move with free will. You have decided to be your own guide and mentor. You decided allow life, nature, and synchronicity to teach you. If that is the case, then it is time to put your higher goals and interests into the forefront.

Know that steps to higher consciousness cannot be negotiated with the divine. You are being asked to choose a side. Keeping one foot in the old world and one foot in the new world is not an option anymore.

Your willpower is either collapsing or intensifying. If you want to first consider the outside and then how you feel inside,  that will not lead you through the chaos. You will need to feel the inside first and then decide an action to take externally in the world. Your inner self will find the way through seemingly impossible tasks.

Once Saturn goes direct on September 18th, what you have discovered, is what you are going to deal with for decades.

Make sure  you like it.

Make sure it is something that will work for you on all levels. It is time to repurpose that old dream into something that will create a new life for you. It is no longer about doing inner work. It is about living organically and in the flow of life and the natural order.

It is no longer about striving; it is about recognizing that  you have to do the steps consistently.

September is not about needing permission from others. It is about owning your own self-agency in life and doing what is right rather than what others tell you. It is about noticing where you have expectations and instead discover the curiosity in looking past the obvious.

In September you begin a new relationship to your spiritual journey. Such a journey is never about belonging in a group but about going out on your own. Saturn and Pluto are going to pull all the safety nets away from your trapeze act. So now, you have to believe in yourself, commit fully, own your power and just do what you have to do to get across that vast abyss.

What you do for a job in the world, now, will have nothing (necessarily) to do with your calling in life. For most, your career is not your spiritual mission in life. All the maps that you have followed, have led you here to this moment.

You are in a place where the maps all end. But what begins is your true potential. Your potential is a wild thing. It is not along any previous pre-determined path. From this point on, you are molding and shaping your path with each step and each choice.

While everyone has an astrological matrix that you have been following, there are moments in time where you can step off the grid of the old habits and behaviors. It is no longer about “finding or doing your purpose”. It is about doing what is right.

You are at the highest vibration when you are embodying your wildest self. And I don’t mean your”crazy” self but your “at one with” connected to the divine self.

Within you is a high stepping horse that just wants to cut loose and run. Really run. And it is time to let go of what someone told you and find your own passion and flow to really go!

Another metaphor to look at is that within you is a bonsai tree that has been trimmed and cultivated to look a certain way but it wants to root into more dirt and explode into its “bigness”.

You are wildness still untapped. Your restlessness is that wildness trying to find a doorway out that is unguarded by your mind. And the flow of magic within you is helping it escape the confines of repetitive behavior.

Can you trust your soul to steer your evolution in the direction of universal flow?

In September we finally turn past the ideas of empowering the individual and decide to move in a collaborative way with others. It is not about “I”. It is that we are all in this together. And it is the only way that we can heal this world and give our children a future.

The building blocks of this Saturn/Pluto energy are:

  1. Finding how to add value to this world by being truthful.

  2. Collaborating with others.

  3. Viewing all things from collective consciousness.

  4. Sharing authentically with others.

  5. Being Open.

  6. Finding true tribe.

  7. Being vulnerable.

  8. Telling the truth.

  9. Being your essence.

10.  Accepting all as equal.

There are not a lot of big astrological shifts occurring in September, which means that you should be able to get projects moving. Jupiter is roaring  forward in mid-August and slow Saturn starts moving forward by the end of the month. Ambitious Mars is moving through hard working Virgo all month, so a great time to get organized and be more efficient. September is all about creating structures that will work and refining them to be the best possible.

Aries: You finally recognize that you have to reconsider a lot of things. You need rest to fully integrate this much needed breakthrough. Mercury and Venus make for better and more honest communication

Taurus: You feel that you have the gumption and intention to stretch out of that safety net and master some new skills. Be prepared to absorb what is new. You have the confidence. Don’t doubt yourself. Notice that people are appreciating what you do.

Gemini: Mars gives you a lot of energy. Use it to get into shape and lose those few pounds. Don’t allow the reactiveness of this planet to make you over-react. Your emotions are still heightened. Take care that you don’t let the stress overwhelm you.

Cancer: Mars gives you a ton of energy to awaken your potential and allow some of the highest performances you have manifested in a long time. Work is going really well. Around September 23rd, expect someone to challenge you. Pay attention to your health at that time. Industrious and helpful aspects show up just when you need them.

Leo: The world is crazy and you know it. But you are calm and centered. You are more neutral than you have been in a long time. You are the Kung Fu master, waiting for the moment to leap into action. And you know it is coming. But you are ready. Financial gifts comes your way. Helping with future planning.

Virgo: You are on a roll. Life is good. All the planets are aligned with your intentions and natural order. You feel you have caught the momentum you have long been seeking. The first half of the month is best.

Libra: In the middle of the month, a lot of planets move into your sign. By mid-month, all the action is in your court. It feels good to be King! You can make significant progress with less effort. Finances work in your favor at work.

Scorpio: You finally feel you have the support that you have wanted to get things finally in the order that makes the most sense for you. Respect is shown because you have earned it. You can now step into that “other” idea and get it started.

Sagittarius: You are getting a lot of energy for new projects. You are unstoppable till the end of the year. Jump on your white horse and ride it to the goals you have set for yourself. The beginning of the month is more difficult. Tensions will require great concentration.

Capricorn: Yes, most of the intensity is in your sign. Heavy planets are right there and all choices are very karmic for the next few years. You have the strength for this moment. You are built for these times. Know that difficulties will arise from the middle of the month forward. Don’t give up.

Aquarius: Jupiter awakens your intellectual self and makes you ready to dive into higher learning. You are hungry for information. You are reconnecting to past lives and the wisdom that they carry.

Pisces: Venus blesses you with great tenderness. There has been a lot of growth. Foundations have been laid and expansion is rapid. A lot of sleep and exercise is the best way to handle this month. Don’t rush. That is where you can have injuries.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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