August 28, 2019


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Osho Zen Tarot:  The Creator, Fighting, Thunderbolt
Medicine Cards: Hawk, Dolphin, Grouse
Mayan Oracle: Complex Stability, Mystical Power
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Disks, Ten of Wands, Seven of Cups
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Priestess, The Magus, Gain
Healing Earth Tarot: Three of Feathers, Seven of Rainbows, Justice
Words of Truth: New Possibilities, Humor, Density

July is the eclipse month again. We begin the journey on July 2nd with a solar eclipse in Cancer. While this eclipse is positively aspected in a number of ways, it wants to bring friends and family together and allows for a release of negative emotions and a redefinition of what is “Home”!

There is a lunar eclipse on the 16th making each of us look backwards to the past 6 months. What have you learned? What has changed in your life? What is next as you move forward into this unknown?

While eclipses herald endings and beginnings. They also indicate death and rebirth. Sometimes during eclipses you feel as if you are on shaky ground and this month is going to shake your sense of security. Events can happen suddenly and out of the blue.

The Three of Feathers card welcomes in the wisdom to understand and accept your personal responsibility to your actions and choices. You are not a victim to your circumstances. You are not helpless, nor adrift in a stormy sea. You are taking a look at what has robbed you of your choices. And the answer to that is your past. Your past clings to you and it trips you up as you attempt to move forwards into your future. You are being asked to look into the darkness (like an owl) and allow your eyes to adjust and see from a clear position rather than the illusion of confusion.

The Seven of Rainbows tells us that you are going to be faced with many choices that need to be made. There is confusion because there are so many options. But the answer is a simple one, choose from you heart and from a place that allows for the possibility of the greatest good for all.

The Justice card indicates that there is an obvious divide between the laws of humans and sacred laws. Past wrongs come forward again and fail to achieve what they promise, causing a split in the world. There seems to be the rule of cruelty rather than the rule of justice. Justice (true justice) does not pray on the hopes and fears of others but attempts to bring the balance back into the mix. You cannot have respect in the world if you do not respect the rights of others. It becomes clear this month that the unconscious world, the everyday world, and the world of inspiration are out of balance. In such a state, the true sense of justice cannot be found. This is noticeable and can cause despair.

There is an awareness that there is a loss of control. Faith fails and breakdown happens. If you are not careful you can spread your resources too thin. You can become ineffective and burdened by your commitments. There is a suggestion that the elements that had been concealed are being revealed. The places you have been able to deceive yourself  are collapsing in the face of facts. You become concerned that you do not know what to trust. All things seem to be destabilizing. This month we look at the nature of human violence, ambition, struggle, conflict, anger, and hatred. We are forced to look at where the roots of these behaviors originate from. Once these dark energies take control, it is difficult to find how to move them into constructive formats. Some will get on this dark train and choose to never get off.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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