December 12, 2014

Clearing Out The Last Of The Saturn In Scorpio – Numerology/Astrolgoy

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/13/14

We are in the energy of the number 14/5. Earth. That is where we are literally and that is also where we are in our numerological reality. It is time to do the work. You are preparing the ground for a huge expansion and it takes time to do those last pieces that you have been struggling with. The number 5 is all about your body, work, and the day-to-day grind. You have to lay a foundation if you want to build a house. We are in the last two weeks of Saturn of Scorpio and as such our deep and dark stuff is becoming revealed and the challenge of the intensity of that with the realization of our own distortion becoming the highest priority. There is a feeling of very raw and real situations overloading the fun quality that the Leo in Jupiter wants to reveal. Jupiter and Saturn and squaring the fun quality of Jupiter retrograde. When Jupiter is retrograde you finally understand that you cannot just have fun if you are not clear about the deeper darkness that lurks within your soul. We are in the darkest time of the year and we are in the darkest time within ourself. The only way to get to true consciousness is that you have to be willing to face the exposing of the truth within rather than just always paint the picture that everything is happy. Learning that both can be true is what today is all about. You have had one year of exposing your purpose and finding out how difficult it has been to do just that. You are exhausted. There is not a lot of light and with the Virgo Moon you have to get your life back into a place of truth rather than illusion. You have a great adventure moving forward as Saturn moves into Sagittarius. But right now you cannot keep lying to yourself about your deeper darker self. You are being tested and you must learn to communicate, organize, and produce your dream. You will make headway if you just keep on keeping on. Just remember to take care of you and your health. Busyness is really helpful to stimulate the inner desire into an actual reality. Feeling useful is really helpful. So allow the utilitarian expressions to give you deep satisfaction. Things are going to change. But change requires a deep commitment to the process both internal and external. Right now you are still noticing the internal places that are out of balance. No worries, the external is right around the corner. Clean out those inner closets. It will be really worth it shortly.
~Suzanne Wagner~



No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had.

~Bariel Garcia Marquez~


Despite of any naysayers, you have done a lot this past year. Each of us has had to grow and shift on the level that is real and deep. You have learned lessons and they have been profound. Just because you do not feel as if you are getting the result you wanted does not mean that progress has not been made. It is only when the last piece is put into place that you see the total shift. I wish it were different but all the parts have to be perfectly aligned to get the result you want. If you are still not getting the shift that you dream of there is still something to do. I do not say that to discredit all your hard work, it just is what it is. We are being asked to take another look and see what we have missed or avoided. There are always small pieces to finish up and digest. You are almost there. December 23 and the Saturn shift to Sagittarius is right around the corner. You are in the home stretch. Breath and know that you can do what the universe is requiring right now.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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