Allow The Changing Of Your Beliefs




Choose empowering beliefs In the process of changing beliefs; choose beliefs that are empowering to your soul. A good way to know what belief will be empowering is to simply ask yourself how you feel about adding the new belief. If you feel a strong connection with a new belief, such as feelings of excitement, it will probably be a very good choice of a belief to implement. Make a conscious effort to purge all beliefs that are less than satisfying. Understand also that as you become a more conscious human being, changing your beliefs will become a much easier, more natural process.

~Our Journey to Balance – Perceptive Artista~



Beliefs are not always real; they are formed in stages of development and awareness. Each is necessary just like building rungs of a ladder to get to higher levels of consciousness. But just as you have to let go of the previous rung as you step higher, so too you have to let go of certain beliefs as you move ahead in your spiritual and conscious evolution. When you step beyond an old belief it does not mean that you negate that belief. After all it has been an essential step in your evolution. It becomes a foundation stone in your life. So today, honor all those steps and rungs that you have utilized to get to where you are now. Appreciate them and allow them to remain as remnants of your journey. It is always a beautiful thing to reflect on. The universe is very patient at allowing you to take the steps in the time that you are ready. Thank yourself and your guidance today.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The Leo King – Week of Dec 8-15, 2014



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