August 25, 2015

Fall Wild Women Symposium – October 2-4, 2015

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The Leonardo
209 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Oct 2, 2015 | 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Oct 3, 2015 | 8:30am – 11:00pm
Oct 4, 2015 | 9:30am – 6:00pm


$200 Full Conference Pass
$100 One-day Conference Pass
Group discounts available


My name is Suzanne Wagner and I am one of the Founders of the Wild Women Symposium. Throughout the years I have been exposed to many types of spiritual teachings, tools, and facilitators that have shifted my awareness sometimes dramatically. I wanted to bring together the best of the best into one event that could awaken other women to the tremendously talented teachers that were in this area for spiritual growth and personal development. It was with this intent that the symposium was formed. This event is all about “Women Supporting Women”. Not only will you have the opportunity to choose the classes that are of interest to you personally but you will also be exposed to an energy and a growing tribe of women who are committed to helping each other while they also grow.

What makes this event so powerful is the women. All the women. I have learned that the force of creative energy and expression that happens when women get together is beyond anything that I could have created in my own small and narrow mind.

The Wild Women Symposium is about miracles. And those miracles happen right in front of you. You get to witness a power that is the Divine Feminine moving through this event to open each person in the unique and very personal way that you need to be opened.

After the event all the facilitators are required to teach classes for the next 6 months which gives you the opportunity to continue your journey of personal awakening. We also have social events where the women can get together for painting classes, dinner and a movie, and social events to share and connect. If you have always wanted to belong to a group of women who support you in your journey then perhaps this is what you are looking for.

We would love for you to become a part of our tribe!

This event is at the beautiful Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City. Inside is a kinetic sculpture, which moves with the energy that comes into the event center. We can’t wait to see what this group of women combined can manifest and what beautiful art we can make together.

On top of it all, the following weekend after our event, Utah is hosting the Dalai Lama and the Worlds Religion Conference. We are excited to set the energy for the influx of powerful and influential people to this event. We hope you join us!


The Wild Women Symposium is an empowerment and education weekend bringing together women from all walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds from all across the United States. Amazing teachers and facilitators who specialize in the intuitive arts, healing modalities, fitness, nutrition, and movement have come together to share their gifts and knowledge during this event.

Designed exclusively for women, this event will awaken your wild side and allow you to discover the beauty and divinity of being a woman. It is through the safety and connection with other women in open-hearted environments that we learn to connect to our deepest selves.

Our weekend offers a variety of classes for you to choose from including:

  • Embodying the Feminine Warrior: What is Your Fierce Feminine Fighting For?
  • Breath Works Meditation
  • Shamanic Wisdom for Wild Awakening
  • Embracing Your Angels: Card Reading 101
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • Chakra Dance
  • How to Open Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Return to Oneness: Embracing Peace and Forgiveness
  • The Root Chakra
  • What is Tantra? Uncovering the Truth from the Cultural Patterns of Fear
  • ….and Many More!


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