August 25, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/26/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/26/15
August 26th is the number 6. The focus and contemplative approach to the number 6 supports the astrology for today. The number 6 has a meditative focus towards spirit and creativity. With the Moon is in Capricorn all day, it encourages an organized, practical approach to your life. There are days when organization can feel like a creative process and be just as fulfilling. Today this configuration has that potential. And it’s about time. Creating movement has been the focus for a while but there just has not been enough mental focus to help it along. Now there finally is. A sextile between Mercury and Saturn midday helps you to realize these needs. This influence is good for getting organized, paying attention to details, being very focused at work, and planning for the future. It grounds your thinking. There is a very step-by-step approach to your work today. However, later in the afternoon the Sun aligns with Jupiter, which helps to bring your dreams and ideals into the picture. In earthy Virgo, you can be especially aware of your desire to excel in the physical world. Vitality increases as you build confidence. You feel generous, optimistic, and sociable under this influence. This is a good time to take steps to grow something, such as: your business, your significant relationships, and so forth. This transit also favors legal, educational, religious, and cultural endeavors.
~Suzanne Wagner~


She was an angel craving chaos… He was a demon seeking peace..

~Poetry Language~
Thank you Vi. I just had to use this quote. There is such truth to the balance of duality in life. I remember being the “perfect” child. Always doing what I was told, sweet, kind, mindful but there was this “wildness” inside trying to find a way out. Fortunately I had that opportunity in dancing. The directors always gave me the big bad “Meany” roles and I loved them. Through dance I had the opportunity to play out archetypes that were not expressed in my normal personality. Through that journey I discovered an inner balance and acceptance of all of who I am. It was a wonderful process. One that I think everyone does do some extent or another depending upon how much permission they have inside. In the dance of masculine and feminine, the feminine light is naturally drawn to the chaos because it is different, alive, wild, and unpredictable. I think the masculine is looking for the peacefulness within that feminine light. Thus they balance each other greatly and allow for a broadening and deeper understanding of the fullness of life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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