Global Astrology for 2022 – Update from May 13, 2022

Updates on the Global Astrology for 2022

As we continue to question “What is freedom?” The pollution of minds and the division of hearts ramps up.
While we have freedom to speak our mind in this country, it matters not to some that we do. Clearly the ability to speak from a place does not necessarily give it the power to provoke change.

We are learning to decide on a personal level what we want in a world that is clearly requiring us to have much more empathy and compassion.
We are seeing growth in that area of compassion, from the reflection of what is happening in Ukraine. The level of support that we are giving shows that at least we are being helpful on governmental levels. And mankind is responding with many ways of support and compassionate help for the Ukrainian people.

On many fronts we are unified around helping others as long as they are not right here … at home.

Here in the US, the sniping, malicious, and vicious forms of engagement continue to shock and undermine trust.

I find it interesting that we can do it for Ukraine but not here at home.

Metaphorically we have “Russian forces” trying to destroy democracy right here, and right now. It is just that they are not actually real Russians but traitors to the American Ideal and their intention is destructive and divisive.

We are at war with each other in this country. Many are at war with our own government and justice systems. We see others attacking communities, groups, and those that want progress by those with big egos that use their zealous, rigid, antiquated, and biased opinions to separate, blame, and intentionally harm others.

It is clear that underneath all these terrible events are centuries of unprocessed anger, resentment, and trauma.

This was to be a year where the healing can begin.
But at the time I am writing this (May 13, 2022), even more separation is occurring and there seems to be no opening for a healing conversation.
It is time to choose where each of us stands in this historical moment that will be recorded for posterity and taught to school children for centuries to come.
Are you standing as a legion for the angels and love … or are you choosing to be a soldier on the battlefields of fear, separation, and hate?

Those are the only two choices.

We can commit to lifting others up or in tearing others down.

Some feel that there are dark forces trying to tear down the sense of unity and belonging that has been the hallmark of the American Dream. They do that by destroying trust and fueling the differences rather than celebrating them. They do that by manifesting laws and restrictions for certain groups. Those laws are intended to suppress that groups power, influence, and future impact.

We can nourish each other and support connection through affiliations that allow for understanding and compassionate exchange … or we can continue to let the voices of hate, rip away the foundations for unification that historically attempted to allow everyone to have a fair chance.

We are in a year where many breakthroughs can happen in healing modalities. But instead, we are experiencing huge numbers of people in the medical and healing fields quitting and walking away because of the levels of stress that are killing them.
That is going to be a terrible problem over time if we cannot stop that trend from continuing.

There will be large shifts that are positive in the areas of creative art in the forms of outside social events that bring many artists together. We need a lot of rapturous expression through music and theater. It is in these places that the diverse voices can express their thoughts most favorably.

Neptune guides us to the deepening of our magic, intuition, and our spiritual expression. There are answers that we seek inwardly and there is a huge desire to explore that which is supportive of us connecting to the earth and others.

But Neptune can make those without internal resources to want to escape and check out from this reality. That can lead to many deaths from overdoses and those that have not enough coping skills to navigate these troubled waters.

Water issues are going to escalate at a rapid rate and those that do not leap now into finding water resources that are going to carry us through the next 70 years at least, are going to miss the very small window that is presently occurring.

Expect dramatic weather events to shatter old records and some will finally have the realization of the full impact that has been warned for decades. We will be hit on all levels, volcanos going off, hurricanes at a magnitude unprecedented historically, tornados and weather patterns not seen in certain areas, and rising oceans encroaching and devouring islands, and coastlines.
The situations between the old and the new are going to show us a side from people that is going to be shocking if not expected.

Exclusionism is going to gain some footholds but that is going to rally the forces of the common people to levels we have not seen in this country since the 60’s.

More things will move aggressively towards sustainability rather than consumption. As quantities diminish in this pattern of continued shortages, quality is going to become essential.

More is not always better. Those that hold fantasy, that is not grounded by reality, are going to be hurting.
Saturn shows us our karma and Uranus is in full rebellion. When we try to suppress one group instead of listen, the consequences lean towards destructive forces being employed to control people instead of utilizing the more time-consuming patterns that are going to be required from deeper caring.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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