The Wellbeing Mastery Course – With Monika Szumilak

The Wellbeing Mastery Course

With Monika Szumilak, Myself and Many Other Guest Speakers

I hope many of you will dive into this course created by my dear friend, Monika Szumilak. I have known Monika for over 20 plus years and instantly we had a connection around self-healing and the processes of personal awakening. As we live in such an intense time, Monika had a brilliant idea to create a Wellbeing Mastery Course and asked me to join in.

I instantly wanted to help her … help others and so I have created with her an interview that lasts about an hour for your entertainment and hopefully it will inspire you to new levels of growth and insight.

We live in a time of great awakening. And many are feeling restricted in the ways of social interaction and how to get the information they need to cope with this rapidly changing world. I know that together we can all help each other in profound ways that will help in the transformation of this intense time into something that is a world in which we all want to live in … peacefully … together.

In this Wellbeing Mastery Course, we will cover in the video interviews:

• True guidance on how to eat and exercise in the way that will work for YOU

• How to shift your mindset so that you finally create the health you so desperately want

• How to hear and understand what your body really needs to thrive

• Honest and personal stories from our experts on how they moved through the challenges

• How to bring fun and creativity to your healing journey while you tackle those hard health problems

• Permission for you to create true health without sacrificing your success

These interviews are inspirational, REAL, fun, and jam-packed with proven strategies you can use NOW and get your health and energy back.

Monika has gathered 26 experts together that cover everything from nutrition and body awareness tips, to learning skills to help you harness your body’s inner healing power. This Wellbeing Mastery Course helps you uncover tools for your own spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance. And balance is the key right now in this world.

In case you were wondering who the speakers are, discover who they are here:

These interviews are from experts in the fields of healing the body on many levels. Are you ready to get your health and energy back?

When you go to that page there is an option to have unlimited access to the interviews for your enjoyment and that will have a cost associated with it of $49.
But that is not required. If you want a free ticket, just click on the (No, I don’t want unlimited access) and you will be guided to the free complimentary ticket.

Sign up here for free:

I remember those times in my past when I was searching for answers but finding experts that I could trust with my personal well-being was very challenging. It was also terribly expensive. Often, I had to rely on the referrals from others to get to experts that could help me. Sometimes those referrals were great and at other times they seemed to be a waste of energy, time, and money.

What I love about this Wellbeing Mastery Course is that you get many experts, and you get to hear personally from them their own stories and what worked in their lives and the lives of those that they have worked with. In this way, you get to choose what you like and what resonates with your core.

In a world filled with an overload of information, personal references and being able to connect with other healers and teachers are what make the biggest difference.

Below is the link to get a complimentary ticket

I have free gifts to offer you for joining the course as well as the other speakers will also be offering gifts.

To find mine, just go to my website page for the event and scroll down to have a direct link to the Numerology Book and Workbook. There you will also see a link to my free online Numerology Class.

Click Here:

I hope you will all join me in this Wellbeing Mastery Course.

Thank you for listening.

Suzanne Wagner



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