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Osho Zen Tarot:  Exhaustion, Morality, Suppression
Medicine Cards: Blank Shield Whale
Mayan Oracle: Men, Universal Movement, Dissonance
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Queen of Cups, Princess of Wands
Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Wands, Cruelty, Art
Healing Earth Tarot: Grandfather of Shields, Medicine Wheel, Five of Rainbows
Words of Truth: Dichotomy, New Possibilities, Appropriate Relationship, Sexuality

Looks like we made it! Made it to 2021. While it still feels that there is a long way yet to go and much to traverse, at least we are out of that intense year of 2020.

And now we are in a number 5 year (2021). It is all about getting back into our bodies, our lives, our health, and what builds happiness.
It is a year where we will have to put a lot of work and effort into the pathway forward. After all the number 5 year is about work, toil, and effort. But I do not think anyone is afraid of that after the tremendous emotional and spiritual strain of 2020.

In reflection, 2020 was about expanding our minds (the number 2) and noticing the dysfunctional patterns that had trapped our souls to be a slave to the ego. All of us were attempting to find a new balance by honestly looking at the mind and the distortions that have kept us in fear and upset.
It became clear that the mind did not know the way. The soul needed to slow down the body and get us back into a better harmony and balance (the number 4). And so we finished 2020 as the journey to reclaim inner and outer balance.

Now in 2021, the mind still needs to be addressed (the number 2) but there is better perspective because of seeing things from a more objective vantage point (2 + 1 = 3). And yet, the newly defined levels of importance have changed (the number 1). What is now important is to listen to the people, the individuals, and the “I”. We need to stand up for those hurting and suffering the most. We cannot wait. There is no more time.
Egos (the number 2) are fully revealed as dysfunctional, deceptive, and deluded. Those egos have made a mess of things and now there is a lot of work and effort (the number 5) that will be required to get us back towards a world that cares and has concern for everyone, all things, all life, and this beautiful planet.

Now onto the cards.

The Princess of Wands repeats two times and sets the tone for January. And that tone is “higher learning”. While this card is about grounded fire, for some that means it is time to get a job done. But also a warning that there is cunning and deception beneath the fiery flow. This card gives a hopeful enthusiasm to many but it can make those that operate from a place of shallowness and self-importance… highly aggressive.

As Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton said, “The prudent person may direct a state, but it is the enthusiast who regenerates or ruins it.”

This card indicates that we need to be realistic in our expectations and recognize that there is a long and very hard road ahead filled with obstacles intended to thwart all forward progress.
Many are feeling utterly exhausted from dealing with all the egos professing from a place of self-importance. In 2020, our job was just about keeping it all together. And now, the true total cost of what has been happening shows the toll it has taken on all of us.

There is a feeling of structures tumbling down and the house of cards collapsing under the weight of so much distortion.
The armor each person had been carrying has become suffocating and too heavy a burden to bear. It is time to put down many things that do not serve the highest good of all.
The feigned morality of desperate sinners is exposed as bogus. They were living in a thin layer lacking substance and principle. Awareness brings an understanding that truth is a virtue based in respect and honor.
The suppression of truth had allowed those dark thoughts and dangerous beliefs to surface. It brought the world to a cultural place of obvious insanity.
So much suppression without constructive action allowed that which had been hidden to explode into madness.
The world was that had been asleep … awoke to the shocking realization that they had been sitting on a volcano of hate and that needed to explode in 2020.
Now we have laid waste to many things that will have to be rebuilt.
And now we know how much stronger that base needs to become.
What is clear is that there has been disappointment and a loss of faith on a massive level.
But from the ashes we are here to rebuild.
We cannot allow the tremendous hurt to turn hearts into a wasteland of hopelessness.
The Grandfather of Shields shows us that in January we are in a renewed time of friendship with our environment. I am looking forward to that the most.
A time when nature can be allowed to just be and to be allowed the resources to flourish.
The “Wheel of Life” is turning and reminds us that in order for us to learn focus we had to survive a time of total distortion.
We had to be reminded of the dystopia of the horrors that mankind can and will inflict on our world without those whose consciousness is high, their values pure, and their heart intact.
We have survived. We should be very proud of that.
The Great Buffalo has come to guide us.
The Great Bear has come to show us the power of embracing our silence.
The Otter has come to remind us to find the joy in every movement and to help us slide into this new reality.
And the Beaver is showing us how to rebuild and make things stronger and better.

There is a distant call, a song for one and all.
And from a distant shore, comes the quest for more rapport.
We see the kindness return, we feel the hearts that yearn.
We know that progress goes, and that truth will always expose.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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