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Numerology/Astrology for 12/28/20

12/28/20 is the number = 17.

Add the 1 + 2 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8.
Astrologically, today is a bit of a downer and numerologically it is also.
Funny how that works.
There is such symmetry and synchronicity in life. It is as if everything in life is talking to us. The challenge is to see if we are paying attention.
It is easy to go numb in the chaos of life’s extremes. But right now, take a moment to notice what is repeating in the environment. Notice phrases, numbers, symbols, animals, birds, etc.
Translating those bits of subtle information into a manageable and meaningful language is what makes the magic in life sparkle.
I love how nature and those very special messages that filter in …. can turn my frown upside down.
Today is a day when the sadness can creep in. But we are never alone. Our ancestors, family and friends that have passed on are always there lending a hand and showing support in subtle ways. We have to use our eyes and ears to really see and listen to what is trying to penetrate that bubble of despair that wants to hold us down.
And then choose to pop that bubble and leave the comfort of our biases.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

The Moon is in talkative, creative thinking, and engaging Gemini all day. A great time to listen and learn.
There is a semi-square between Venus and Saturn. So expect confidence to be lacking as we attempt to interact with others. Stay heart open and our mind in a place where it attempts to discern truth. Emotions are distant and sentiments are not as warm as normal.
This can cause some anxiety which can make deep emotions feel pushed off to the side.
The second half of the day is not the best for follow through and we may feel as if we are getting nowhere.
There is a clumsiness to this day and things just do not go where you expect them too.
It is okay.
Just let things be.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe that we all know
somewhere inside how to love.
I recognize that life can beat us down
and make us believe we have
to protect that goodness inside.
But those that win in this
game of life do not let that
goodness hide for long.
Because they realize that
without the love;
the darkness can reign
in terror unhindered.
Without the love, hope seems lost.
Without the love, life will seem
to have no deeper meaning.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We have had some rain and while we need more … I am grateful for the weather shifting, the wind blowing, and the dampness lingering.

When I was younger, I hated damp, cold, and cloudy. But now I love it.
I appreciate seasons.
I appreciate the ticking of time.
I appreciate how at this age, I care less about the opinions of others.
I see their choices as their journey towards enlightenment.
I see my choices at this age as more important as to what I wish to create in this world, how I show love, and what I can potentially leave behind.
It becomes more clear that I can only get myself through the doorway.

I can intend to show a pathway for others but I cannot make them walk any path, much less my path.
There are many ways to reclaim our essential self.
The doorways are all there for each of us to choose.
While some want and need to feel “special”, “righteous”, and as if they “belong”. I know that each person is special in their own unique way. I know that righteousness is a tool of ego and fails in the course of time. I know that belonging is a reflection of needing safety.
Instead, I look for contentment, joy, and peace.

Those are the pathways I choose to step on.

Those paths of fame and fortune are always fleeting.
Life means more than acquisition of things.
Life means more than what you have to show others at the end of your life.
Life is about experiences, memories, connections, and how you show love in this world.
May your life be fulfilling in the ways that matter before you go.
May your heart never be forgotten and your wisdom shared for eternity.

~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. Deb 4 months ago

    You touched my very soul today.

    • Author
      Suzanne Wagner 4 months ago

      That is very kind of you. thank you

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