Osho Zen Tarot: Completion, The Source, Laziness

Medicine Cards: Dolphin, Bat, Snake

Mayan Oracle: Cimi, Ben, Realm Shift

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Cups, Queen of Swords, Three of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Strength, Science, The Hermit

Healing Earth Tarot: Hanged One, Temperance, Ten of Wands

Words of Truth: Non-Verbal Communication, Truth, Senses, Love

This month makes me think of the phrase, “If you don’t know … then don’t go!”

While we are all in a whirlwind of powerful and progressive change, we can also feel spun out and not sure what to do next.
Seems as if … so much … is rapidly changing. Just when one thing finishes … the next one comes in.
Life seems without a pause or a chance to catch our breath. That is probably why the Source card is at the center of this month’s spread.
Sometimes we must stop and let it all drop away so we can reconnect to what is most important in our life.
We seek to create spaces externally. But first we need to know those wide and vast internal spaces where we are aware of our eternity and the nature of our infinite self.
From there, all things that are irrelevant will just naturally fall away and what is left in the emptiness will be the powerful forces of creation itself.

When we first seek understanding and insight … that gives birth to a whole new perspective and way of seeing that can transform energy into many forms.

This month is about learning to accept endings … that will then allow us to embrace a new beginning.

The intentional endings pushed upon us by a few were not designed in their minds to generate New Beginnings. Powerful people had the intention to put a block or a stop to things they disliked and wanted to have control over.

But all endings are not really endings … they are opportunities to reshape and redo things that were never done properly in the first place.
And now we have that chance.

All answers and all laws are naturally incomplete.
All things are a work in progress.
And that is the key … progress.
There are always those old fogies that want to hold back the passage of time. And that is impossible for any organic life form in this reality.
Intellectual answers based on opinion and bias always fail. They do not stand on any solid ground and have no sure footings. Such constructions fall from the slightest wind or a small tremor.

This month we begin to see our own laziness. There are those in power that think they have arrived. But their quest for power held the intention of blocking and stopping. That is a form of laziness.
It is obvious those souls whose pride inflated pompous power. But their life’s work will dissolve and be washed away by those that they tried to control.

I see the image of a woman trapped inside a house by a man that has placed three swords in the doorway blocking her from leaving.

While it seems as if things are breaking down, this moment and month is actually the beginning of a cycle of recovery.
Celebrations are soon to follow and in this astrological cycle, shifts can happen quickly.

This month, the illusions and deliberate concealment are seen to be the arrogance of entitlement and intentional self-deception.
Truth always shifts the forces of stagnation into (at first) small and incremental change. Truth is the manifestation of Divine Love in this dimension. Notice the many non-verbal clues that are carefully unwinding the forces of darkness in ways that are intending to soothe the chaos much like music soothes a savage beast.

Arrogance and pride are loud and obnoxious. They separate and purposely divide.

Truth is calm, slow, unifying, and engaging with others.

We have been bit by the darker forces, but we have not yet died and now there is a renewal within the joyfulness of life.
Because we have touched the other side of darkness, we understand its nature and recognize its scary purpose was to confuse and slow our progress.
This month you may notice that now … we can finally begin to breathe and feel into the solutions coming.
While they are not yet in full form, they are becoming inspired by our willingness to journey into our own shadow and return with new ways and insights that will help us see past the human distortion waves that will always try to threaten freedom and truth.
The nature of all darkness is to inadvertently reach for the light. And that light will respond with strength and love to illuminate that which was hidden from consciousness.

Only when they are joined together in a dance of balance can peace be restored, and truth given back its rightful place.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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