Osho Zen Tarot: Thunderbolt, We are the World, Friendliness

Medicine Cards: Buffalo, Wolf, Squirrel

Mayan Oracle: Rhythm, Organic Balance, Shadow

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Eight of Cups, Five of Wands, King of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Swords, Fool, Chariot

Healing Earth Tarot: Seven of Rainbows, Three of Feathers, Seven of Feathers

Words of Truth: Discrimination, Disappointment, Dreams

The weather is shifting into the cooler times and the clouds are gathering in the sky manifesting the sight, sounds, and smells that indicate change.

In nature, the animals and plants hear the call and listen as they prepare to go deeper within.

October brings a storm of sorts. One that tries to indicate that we need to world together. But to do that, we need to learn to trust. And trust is earned and trust is a path that is prepared by laws that are fair and that give everyone a fighting chance.

While there are so many that do not want to have government, it is essential to have rules and laws that allow for the safety and security of its people.

Without that, humanity is notorious for attempting to manipulate and take control in ways that cause others (with less to start with), more pain and misery. And when things are not fair, then those at the bottom will do things illegally to get what they need. All the while, feeling as if they are justified in causing harm to others when they feel so harmed and forced to do what they believe is fair to get back at those who are arrogant and unconscious of the suffering they are causing.

Such is this moment in time this month.

We have to take a hard look at what we as a country and culture have done to others and see that while we did not personally make those choices, our unconsciousness of the suffering they are still causing is our responsibility and something that once we fully see it, we need to take active steps to correct.

And the reality is that we are all one. If one group is hurting, then they do impact the larger whole.

And right now, so many are silently suffering in ways that no one believed would come to pass.

While there are many big changes in technology that will allow us to leap beyond anything imagined shortly. What is horribly missing is the emotional and moral maturity to deal with the things that are so blatant in our society that continue to cause terrible imbalances, and suffering.

We are like a super-smart child that is getting a Ph.D. but is not emotionally mature enough to understand the pitfalls of the physical world. We are very smart. Perhaps a bit too smart and that smartness has made us a bit too “big for our britches!”

Emotionally we are being asked to look past our own needs and wants and into the issues that are confronting the bigger world.

I believe we can do it. I believe we are growing up. I believe that we can see what is really demanding our attention and take action together.

The consequence if we don’t is too horrific to even imagine.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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