Musings About My Life, Dance, and the Moment

 Musings About Life, Dance, and the Moment

My path was not to show the steps and form of the dance I so dearly loved.

My path was to speak and write about this journey we are all on together.

I miss the art that formed my soul.

I miss the friends that I met along the path.

I honor them in memory, song, and words.

So many that made me laugh and cry.

I remember the laughter, the fear, and shared moments on an edge.

Those moments continue even now.

It is just that the wisdom sees the pattern and recognizes those souls with greater clarity and appreciation.

Spiritual family follows us through time.

They are markers and signposts that help us decide the direction to take next.

I love this moment. It is very precious to me.

I love the cool air as it caresses my face.

The memories of many lives with many faces come into focus.

It is a miracle and a mystery how we continue to find each other.

It is one of the great unspoken wonders of this world.

I believe that connection is a vibration and a tone that aligns, harmonizes, and recognizes those others in the majesty of what we create when we come together.

Oh, such symphonies I have co-created with so many!

We have blown the roofs off of theaters and opened the minds and hearts of those we will never know.

I have no regrets in this life.

I have such fondness for this human condition.

I have such love for the beauty of this world.

And I cannot help but allow myself to be drawn back into the creative clutches of this never-ending dance.


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