Numerology/Astrology for 5/16/2022

Numerology/Astrology for 5/16/2022

5/16/2022 is the number 18.

5 + 1 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 18.

Then we can add the 1 + 8 to get the number 9.

The Number 9 reminds us that often we look for that sense of completion outside ourselves, when the only way to manifest the great balance of true completion is when one accepts all things outside cannot help us find completion on the inside. We look to our external world as some sort of validation that we are a good person and that our life is guided by some magical force or perfect karma.
But when we know that regardless of what is happening … that this moment is happening in order for us to know that the external can never validate who we are then we begin to really discover the uncharted territories within.

Once we are at peace within, the external can throw the waves of change at us but that does not shift our state of grace and inward knowing.
Completion that is sustainable comes from inside not outside.

We cannot wait for others to recognize us, we have to realize what our heart knows is right … and that is the path … regardless of whether that journey is seen by others as valuable or not.

We cannot recognize those that are operating at higher frequencies if we are vibrating at a lower frequency.

We cannot understand patterns of consciousness that are beyond our current level of understanding.
From denser places of awareness … other patterns will not make complete sense. That is why we must learn the lesson of allowing others to be who they are and not need for them to be validating to who we believe we are.

Just as we cannot comprehend the vastness of the Mind of God, nor can we fully understand the journey of another from our own particular viewpoint.

We can only recognize what we currently know, and what we are beginning to see and understand.

Life is full of many layers of required completions. Each one is a small step on the path to greater understanding.

The lesson today is to not judge. Set things aside and allow for this moment to be enough.
It is time to see that regardless of the convulsions the world is taking, that we are okay when we are at peace within.

See this moment as a pause. A pause to allow the perspective that one is complete right now.
There is nothing to do or say.
There is nothing needed from each of us other than to be fully in the now.
From that place we can see more clearly the path ahead and can move with less anxiety and uncertainty. You are always protected. You are learning and stepping beyond the restrictions of a linear lifetime.
You are more and such moments are designed to help us see past the obvious.
You already are what you are seeking!
Let that thought rest inside your core.
Let yourself remember that home is where you are right now.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

The Eclipse happens for Americans in the dark of the night as we are sleeping. A perfect moment for the Scorpionic energy to manifest the unraveling of our old reality in our dreams.
This emotional deepening is going to require us to do this process all the way till October of 2023. So realize that we have a long way yet to go.

Best to take this moment slowly and recognize that integration is going to be the biggest problem.

The emotional tensions that have building up are seeking a release.
The material goals while important are less important now as we discover how much we have allowed the physical world to define who we are and our level of success.
That is never really as important as our ego demands. Emotional fulfillment is what will define us and allow us to fully embrace this human experience.
Notice the level of attachments that are happening. Then ask if they are real?

All unresolved issues are going to be magnified during this time. This is not to make us miserable but to force us to see past our incessant demands for validation and into the deeper places where we have hidden something special.

Then as the morning dawns … fully in the early light, the Moon will move into Sagittarius and broaden our perspective if we are willing to let go and trust the universal flow.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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