May 28, 2022

Numerology/Astrology for 5/29/2022

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/29/2022

5/29/2022 is the number 22.

5 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 22.

Then we can add the 2 + 2 to get the number 4.

The Number 4 gives us the instinct to listen more and speak less. That is unless the conversation is engaging enough for us to feel that a back and forth, a give and take … are perfect for going deep.

Under this Mercury retrograde, we do not want to rehash the past upsets … we need and long for a progression that is worth taking time and discovering something more meaningful.

I am amazed at how many feel trapped and are experiencing a type of PTSD. Either in a minor or major way … depending upon their past traumas and their ability to resolve those wounding’s with personal reflective clarity and those that have the willpower to not go backwards in time.
Sometimes that constant rehashing of a past upset goes nowhere but into retraumatizing us and becomes a form of self-punishment.

Everyone has trauma.
Everyone recognizes our immature and reactive choices that did not serve us or others at times.
But the key to life and success is knowing how to accept the mistake, make the correction, understand the deeper lesson, move forward wiser, and be able to not use our past mistakes as a weapon against ourselves.

The number 4 is about learning to be neutral and being able to objectively understand the mechanisms of our choices. It is through the mistakes that we become a better and kinder person.
When we learn to be kind to ourselves … we learn to be kind to others.

Too often we are not neutral with ourselves. There are often more emotional triggers that we can use as a weapon … against us.
We rehash things thinking that a change now … can change the past.
But I find that never to be true.
What is done … is done, and everyone has to go on in life. When one grasps and clings to correcting the past, we waste this precious moment and never find the satisfaction we are seeking.

That is why we need to be more neutral, let things go, learn the lessons, choose a path that will give us more wisdom and clarity, and vow to become more aware and less reactive.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

As we wind down the Moon in Taurus we are also heading towards a New Moon. Many things feel as if they want and need to slow down as the shift happens … moving the Moon into Gemini.

But once things move into Gemini, the pace picks up.

Add to it that Mars and Jupiter align in the dynamic go-getter sign of Aries and suddenly things become more engaged, and we find the energy to do some new and exciting things. This gives us the potential to reach further and go for a few golden rings that we can finally see. The enthusiasm is there to take a leap of faith into an unknown, but the goal is driving us into a more positive place for a better world.

Regardless of the competitive energy that seems to be obviously challenging us, the goal remains, and there is a deeper desire, asking us to leap.

Cockiness is not a part of this equation and remember to be confident without being insistent. Expect to hear many opinions but know that it is your soul and heart that need to decide rather than the minds and opinions of others who may not have worked through their own levels of fear and risk.

Just remember to not promise things that cannot be accomplished. We want successes now, not more failures.
Listen to those wiser and more skilled and take all the information in. There are many details that we are not yet aware of and those that have walked a similar path might be very helpful in giving insights that will help us succeed. There are encouraging signs in front of us. But know that all things require more effort than anticipated.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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