Numerology for 5/9/2023

Numerology for 5/9/2023

5/9/2023 is the number 21.

5 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 21.
2 + 1 = 3

In Yogic Numerology, the Number 3 is the number of Positive Mind. But often it feels overwhelming and as if too much is happening all at once.
I find it so interesting when the astrology correlates to the numerology. Today, is one of those days.
Things feel rushed and it seems there is too much to get done in a day. While we just need to take one thing at a time, and that sounds easy. Today it feels anything but.
There are days that even … when one tries to keep a smile on our face, and a positive outlook, others will be ensnared by their own negativity and want to pull others down. It feels like you just can’t get away from certain people, and they are everywhere.
The archetype that I associate with this number … is Princess Diana. As a modern walking embodiment of someone who tried to take all the insanity that was thrown at her and somehow remain, gentle-spirited, kind-hearted, and compassionate, to me she is the walking epitome of this number called the “Seeker of Positive Influence”
She showed that how we respond in situations is important. Even in the face of tremendous personal insecurity and natural shyness, she attempted to be reasonable in her requests and uphold a standard that was related to her good breeding and manners.
The standards to which she was expected to maintain were difficult, and she struggled to find her true self while doing that.
One of her coping mechanisms was to help those … in more desperate straits that herself.
And that is the perfect coping strategy for this number. Even if one does not feel totally secure and safe within, that does not mean to stop trying to be a voice and help others. That give us a chance to takes us out of the overly self-consuming mental focus of our own pain and helps us find ways to direct that energy constructively.
She also showed that when we were honest with our own personal struggles that it gives hope for others to see that there is a possibility for change in everyone.
As this is the number of perfectionism, it teaches us that perhaps our flaws are perfect. Perhaps that the “supposed” mistakes in our life were actually big lessons to help us grow. And perhaps that while life often feels as if we are swimming against a current, that when we attempt to move past each obstacle that appears on our path, that we learn something essential about who we really are.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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