February 6, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/7/15

Today is the number 8. As we are moving into a Libra Moon I want you to think about the figure 8 as the Libra scales on a horizontal plane. It is a day to balance your emotions with your money. There are times to let loose and say what you think but today is not that day. Instead try to remain in a balanced perspective of practicality, delegation, problem solving, and control. If you let things loose you can find yourself in a tit for tat conflict. In truth you are not the boss of your world but you need to exhibit an element of organization, efficiency, and problem solving. It is important to remember that relationships in your life are essential to the forward progress that you want to achieve. Movement is accomplished when you balance the forces at work in your life and have the confidence to follow your vision while courageously facing the barriers internally and externally that need to be broken down and faced. The Moon continues its transit until 1:45 PM EST, when it enters Libra. You will find the most emotional satisfaction today when your interactions and environment are in balance with all things around you. There is a desire to please others making it a good time for negotiations, diplomatic conversations, and peace-making gestures. The Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Saturn, boosting your ability to concentrate, study, pay attention to details, and understanding a new design. You will feel more coherent, logical, and clear. Venus is approaching a sextile to Pluto, exact early into the day tomorrow. Your feelings are pleasantly impassioned. You will express yourself in a focused and confident manner. You will appreciate when others express a depth of feeling and authenticity in your presence.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Your journey has molded you for the greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. Celebrate where you are right now.

~Carla Goddard~


I often have clients that believe if they demand an outcome from the universe that they should get it instantly. And they call me thinking that somehow as psychic that I will either validate that egoic illusion or that I can somehow make a personal demand to their guides and angels and that I can make that block shift. Boy, do I wish it worked that way and that life was that simple. Can you imagine what the Divine must hear on a daily basis from the bulk of humanity that is still in a childish place of demanding just like a child at the grocery story wanting the candy at the cash register and having a temper tantrum thinking that he or she should always get what it wants? You are supposed to wake up and evolve to see that you always get what you need for your next steps of growth and awakening. You do not get what you mind or ego wants or demands from the Universe. What I know is that you have levels of being and that to manifest in this dimension you have to align all those levels in a space of clarity and alignment. That means that if your life in this moment is supposed to be about personal growth and spiritual evolution then relationships might be challenging and very difficult to manifest, especially if those relationships pull you off your personal mission for conscious evolution. If your childhood has genetic and experiential blocks to feeling that you cannot be abundant in making money or learning how to save money then there are many levels biologically and energetically that can be very difficult to manifest and overcome to feeling abundant or actually making the money. I have seen many that managed to make the money but never feel as if there is enough. This is why I love astrology and numerology on a personal level. Those tools indicate the direction of this life’s potential and also show you the challenges that you are there to overcome. These tools are not there to set a limitation but more to indicate where you will really need to focus in order to transcend the patterns and lessons that have been placed on your path for your evolution.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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