February 7, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 2/8/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/8/15
Today is the number 9. As the number 9 is about completing things and the Moon in Libra is all about dealing with issues around relationships you may find yourself addressing unresolved issues around those you love and choosing to let go of things that are no longer serving you. Your family and your intimate relationships are more often than not about karma and so is the number 9. The older I get and the more I do readings on clients I see the connection to the relationships a person chooses and the unresolved issues that are continuing to reflect in their intimate partner. It is sometimes easier to handle one issue at a time from our childhood in small parts that are reelected through our friends and mates. So today take an honest look at what is asking for completion in your life or from your childhood. Then look at those in your immediate reality. What parts do they play in your healing? Can you own that your reality is reflecting the parts of your soul searching for healing of some old wound? Choose balance because after all the Moon is in Libra all day, and while it makes some tense aspects with Uranus and Pluto, Venus, Libra’s ruler, is in powerful aspect to Pluto and Chiron today and you seem to have the right tools available to deal with problems, particularly in relationships. You might find novel ways of approaching complicated emotional matters or for resolving and letting go of those things that have kept you from moving forward. You are more courageous to face your fears and wounds. Courage always brings you a step closer to healing. You may feel especially vulnerable in your intimate relationship, as well as, to learning important lessons from others. It’s a strong time for building trust in relationships and for seeing potential in others, although the process might feel a little painful! Insecurities are revealed and ideally, cleansed.
~Suzanne Wagner~

When I use my strength in the service of my vision it makes no difference whether or not I am afraid.
~Audre Lorde~

Life just flows if you let it. Going with your strengths and allowing your heart to guide the direction of your actions is a much easier way to move through your life. When you do your strengths you feel happy and in alignment with yourself and all life. When you go against your strengths you loose energy and struggle with things. Now that does not mean to not try new things or to learn and grow. It means that even if you are learning new things when there is an excitement or enthusiasm then you are going in the direction of your personal natural order. What I love about this day and age is that there is so much information out there that most people have to specialize because it is literally impossible to know all things. When companies learn to channel employees in the direction of their gifts and allow those gifts to expand, those employees are happy and content. Today notice where you have an organic flow. Let that flow guide you forward. What interests you is the clue from the universe to follow that impulse.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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