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Numerology/Astrology for 7/14/18

7/14/18 is the number 5. The number 5 is about grounding, which seems to be sorely lacking at this time. Astrologically with the Neptune at high tide (its most intensely emotional place) everyone feels like there is not solid ground underneath them. And there isn’t. Everyone is swimming in water and will be for many years to come. So grounding is not going to be an automatic given. Quite the contrary. You will have to find your own grounding and work with that. Think of it like ballast in the bottom of a boat. Big rocks were put in the bottom of a boat to make the ship more stable in rough waters. The waters are rough, and we are all headed into a storm. Secure your own ballast and make sure it is tied down. You cannot count on the stability of others to help you in such times. But you will discover and define your own. That is why living in such times, while intense and stressful, will give you skills to reach deeper inside and find out what is really important to you.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Venus continues expressing a minor challenging aspect with Pluto today, so expect quite a bit of tensions underlying social interactions. Everyone will be a bit on edge and on hyper alert, looking for the ulterior motives of others and feeling protected and suspiciousness as they go out into different cultural situations. Jealousy is going to be an emotion that is going to trigger that nasty green dragon inside you. Be alert and don’t let that dragon talk. The astrology is very heated right now and nothing good can come out of confrontation with others because everyone is feeling as if they have a short fuse. There are (in general) a lot of complex emotions riding just below the surface. Remember that such emotions are in direct proportion to how much fear you are holding and your fear of losing something or someone important. Manipulation is not the answer. While it can cover over relationship issues that need to be dealt with, just know that masking the patterns that are rising to the surface is never a good idea. Dealing with them consciously however is. Spewing them on others is also not a good idea either. If you lash out at others you are deeply insecure. If you hate others then you just hate yourself and the fact that you are trapped in some pattern and feel threatened by others who you have labeled to be the reason for your own inadequacy. More and more financial tensions are going to emerge.

Thank goodness the Moon continues its transit of theatrical, affectionate Leo. It will align with Mercury later this evening. It is really time to have some big conversations. It is okay to feel what you feel just know that it may not be real or true. It is time for everyone to wake up to the fact that the world is not going to fit into your box of chocolates. And being angry and having a temper tantrum (like a small child) is not going to get you what you want. Grown-ups have conversations that listen and try to find the middle ground. Hate wants to fight and to override others. This morning there is Moon-Jupiter square which can stimulate restlessness which may very well lead to indulgences at a later time.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“No human race is superior.
No religious faith is inferior
All collective judgments are wrong.
Only racists make them.”
~Elie Wiesel~


There is a flaw within the makeup of humanity. We came her to learn how to overcome such things as prejudice. Being on earth, there is an evolutionary progression that the brain needs to have, as a sequence, to find the courage to act and to move. One of the tools that the mind uses is the “belief” in something. We need to “believe” in a system, religion, philosophy, etc in order to find confidence and feel as if we belong to a special group. Therefore we are “special”. That special feeling gives us the confidence to leap forward in ways that we would not do on our own. We believe that the Divine is with us because of our “righteousness”. In truth the Divine is with everyone. And not because you believe a certain way or do certain practices “exactly” correctly. That desire to become “one with” the divine and to become “god-like” is a huge driving force for many. But the answer is not in how much knowledge you hold in your mind. It is not in your ability to recite exact passages of sacred books. It is in your actions that you are known in this world. If your actions promote kindness and compassion then you are on the right track. If you learn to control your primal impulsive nature and respond rather than react you are on the right track. If you are labeling others as inferior and less than, then you have completely missed the boat and are off on a track of ego/mind. Such a path is a dead end. And that train goes faster and faster trying to get ahead of your conscience that is trying to get you to stop. From such a place, you are moving in fear. Fear of the truth. And the truth are the signs that say (as you pass by on that speeding train), “Bridge out”, “Dead End”. But egos will lead you always to your own destruction or your own destructive tendencies. The question is will you stop the train before you hit that dead end? Will you slow down and decide that perhaps you were mistaken in your choice of direction? Will you recognize the difference between the mind and ego talking and the divine spark within you?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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